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01. September 2008 | 17:49
Ibizas and Formenteras landscape and heritage are two great unknown despite visitors welcomed by the island each year. Cyclotourism routes shall take you through spots where you shall discover the idiosyncrasy of the island. Itineraries along not busy at all roads with different difficulty levels to meet the demands and preferences of professional cyclists, amateurs, families or groups of friends looking forward to enrich their visit to the island.
Cyclotourism routes allow getting to know different spots of heritage interest in the Pitiüses. Rural churches, that talk about their use as religious as well as defensive buildings; the impressing architectonical ensemble of Eivissa city, that joins renaissance walls, the castle and countless noble houses; wells, meeting points that hide legends and were places to meet and celebrate in the rural world; caves, natural formations used in the past by several of the people inhabitants of the island as sanctuary for their rites; mills, vestiges of a way of life lost nowadays, and defence towers that for centuries acted as reference points to protect the islands from the countless invasions they suffered.
If there is something characterizing Eivissa and Formentera, this is a natural environment that stills wonders visitor, who most of the times, has a slanting knowledge of the Pitiüses as synonymous with beaches and sun. But it is not so. The inland of the island is a mosaic of green colours (trees and bushes), ochre and reddish (cultivation lands and dry stone walls), that combine in February with white colour of almond tree flowers. The coast is further more than just creeks. It is a landscape of sharp cliffs of chalky rocks sculpted by the sea and the wind that shape unique landscapes of great beauty. On the bicycle and through alternative tracks is the best way to get to know this natural environment. Tracks, where smells of pine tree and rosemary come along all the way, to get to the cliff on a beach to enjoy the breeze of sea and the omnipresent pitiuso sun.
Ibiza Style      Rupert Fowler/ Cycling Weekly
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