Josh Wink

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Philadelphia-born, acid techno legend Josh Wink has been making the pilgrimage to Ibiza since 1993. Back in the day, the Ovum label boss wore long blonde dreadlocks. More importantly, perhaps, he was just a year away from releasing ‘Higher State Of Consciousness’, the era-defining record that broke him to an international audience. “I come here [...]


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When a nightclub is still pounding out the tunes after three turbulent decades, you just know it’s doing something right. Next year, the Rex Club in Paris celebrates its 30th birthday. Julien Veniel, better known to the world as D’Julz, is one of the central reasons why the venue has been so successful. D’Julz is [...]

Take Five August 2017

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Quantum Collage – „Lucid Dreaming“ (Ouie/Rough Trade) Quantum Collage is the brainchild of Olaf Gutbrod from southern Germany and the beginning of his passion for music can be pinpointed fairly closely. He first took up the guitar at the age of nine; an encounter that was to become the [...]

The Gypset Godess

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Photography by Jordi Cervera | @jordicerveraph & Lela Radulovic | @lelaradulovic Model: Lela Radulovic Hair & MakeUp: Luiz Mantei | for La Biosthetique Drone shoots by Jorge Almansa | Location: Time and Space open air monumental work by Andrew Rogers, Ibiza. CRÉDITOS ESTILISMO Swimsuits by NINA RAJAK ATELIER, NOOKIE, MABI SWIMWEAR Shoes by GIUSEPPE [...]

Musical Mermaids

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These mythical, ethereal beauties are said to have inhabited the seas and cast their magical spell by wooing sailors with their sirenic songs. However, in Ibiza today, we meet three real life mesmerising mermaids who are not luring good sailors to a watery grave, but instead bewitching their audiences with their musical talents. A trio [...]


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I used to play football for Ipswich Town when I was younger,” Rossko says. “Even then I was mad about music, always making CDs for the changing rooms on away days. When I got a bad injury – a horrendous tackle that tore my ankle ligaments – I didn’t know what to do. But I [...]

Jean Claude Ades

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BeCrazy! Records frontman Jean Claude Ades returns to Lío Ibiza this summer to curate and headline an exclusive 21-date run of weekly dance music parties. The deep house and tech star, renowned for his über elegant studio productions and emotive underground DJ sets, will also be performing at Scorpios, the open-air beach bar in Mykonos [...]

Miracle and surprise

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Perplexed, we discovered the materials of the original construction: earth and lime. It seems like a miracle that these walls could have managed to support the weight of the building for more than five centuries. It is one of the more surprising moments of the visit to the refurbishment works on the church in Jesús, [...]

Sam Divine

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Like so many young English dance music fanatics who make the pilgrimage to Ibiza every summer, when Sam Divine first set foot on the island back in 2005, she did so with a record box and a suitcase but with no great plan. “All I knew was that Ibiza was the place to be if [...]


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A first for Ibiza Style, the interview you are about to read with up-an-coming Brazilian techno DJ/producer ANNA was conducted on the doorstep of her Barcelona home. “My husband’s flight has been delayed and I have no keys,” ANNA laughs apologetically. “He was supposed to arrive at midday, but now he’s not going to arrive [...]