Ibiza Hand Selected


Pau Brasil

Summer 2016 in Ibiza will see the arrival of a unique new lounge specialising in churrasco, gaucho tradition and the music of Brazil. Pau Brasil is a multi-purpose gastro-cultural venue

Cotton Lounge

Building on the amazing runaway success Cala Tarida’s Cotton Beach Club has seen since it was founded just two years ago, founders Christian and Merete Marstrander have expanded with a

Casa Colonial Ibiza

Sitting proudly on the top of a hillside close to the town of Santa Eulalia, you will find one of the true jewels in Ibiza´s crown, Casa Colonial. This idyllic

Sa Brisa Gastro Bar

Restaurante Sa Brisa’s creative approach to cooking extends to recovering Mediterranean marine species that could not be found in Ibiza’s markets up until now. These include quality fish with extraordinary

Cotton Beach Club

Cotton Beach Club is the all-new, luxurious Ibiza beach club set to impress in Cala Tarida, making the island’s southwest coast the destination du jour for islanders and jetsetters alike.

Marc’s Restaurante Ibiza

The cool, white painted minimalist interior with a few occasional black features gives Marc’s a touch of transatlantic flair. No wonder, because the owner of the restaurant, Marc Lindemann, makes

Coco Beach

The 10th anniversary of this noble, recently redesigned gourmet and fun venue was celebrated in 2014. And that commands respect because 10 years in the culinary shark tank that is

Locals Only Ibiza

You find the restaurant Locals Only Ibiza at the wellknown Plaza del Parque, which has long been an iconic part of Ibiza’s capital. Located at the foot of the majestic

Vino & Co Ibiza

If you think that Vino & Co Ibiza is simply an excellent wine store, then think again. This family run business has become a hub for local, all year round

Km 5 Ibiza

El KM5 Ibiza is the most attractive open air restaurant, bar and garden on the island. Its glamorous, cosmopolitan, easygoing atmosphere harmoniously blends avant-garde and oriental influences —both in terms