Sa Brisa Gastro Bar

Restaurante Sa Brisa’s creative approach to cooking extends to recovering Mediterranean marine species that could not be found in Ibiza’s markets up until now. These include quality fish with extraordinary flavour such as ‘brótola’(greater forkbeard), ‘palaya’ (a sole-like flat fish) or ‘negrito’ (velvet belly). The latter, caught at a depth of 500m, is a fish with an exquisitely subtle flavour.

Sa Brisa’s menu brings back emblematic dishes such as ‘bullit de peix’. It also counts on the use of high quality Ibicencan produce such as red prawn, squid, free range farmer’s eggs or locally grown vegetables. What’s more, they make use of local breeds such as Ibizan sheep or ‘porc negre’ (black pig) to produce delicious homemade cold meats and other delicatessen.

By approaching Ibiza’s culinary traditions in an innovative fashion, with the emphasis on quality, Sa Brisa’s cooking balances tradition and the avant garde. In doing so, it bestows on the island’s produce and raw ingredients the value they deserve.

It’s an original and creative approach that’s the fruit of the labours of Esther Bonet and Pere Vendrell, two island enthusiasts who managed to establish themselves here permanently three years ago. “We discovered what Ibiza was like in winter and we loved it”. And that’s how they founded their catering project, which took shape when they signed up chef, Gonzalo Martín Argüez: “With him, we have managed to make ourselves stand out little by little in terms of what we are doing by basing ourselves on haute cuisine with island produce”, Pere Vendrell points out.

Born in Argentina with Italian nationality, Martín Argüez is very familiar with South American, Asian and European cuisine. He has worked in Martín Berasategui’s restaurant, in restaurants in the Canary Islands, Mexico and Las Vegas as well as such well known venues on the island as Lío and Destino. Ever since December 2013 he has been a part of the gastronomic project at Sa Brisa with the challenge of creating a menu that would fuse Ibiza’s gastronomic culture with avant garde techniques and a multicultural outlook.

By bringing back the very essence of cuisine in Ibiza, Sa Brisa’s team has come up with a groundbreaking mixture of ingredients, textures and presentations brimming with quality, originality and flavour. The result is a culinary experience that’s surprising and unique.

Sa Brisa Gastro Bar

Passeig de Vara de Rey, 15
07800 Ibiza
+34 971 090 649

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