Imam Comunicación

Imam Comunicación is more than a dream: it is a company designed to make sense of a word the meaning of which is watered down on many occasions, a word that needs a series of overall actions to become real: communication. With experience since 2003 and offices in Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona, Imam Comunicación is able to count on a wide range of co-workers, journalists and professionals in the field of communication and marketing.  Imam Comunicación provides text, image and voice to each company with one sole purpose: publicising the work of those who have placed their trust in us.

Its team is made up of six journalists with training in social networks, protocol and events, two experts in advertising and public relations and a web developer. It’s a balanced, round number that enables its team to harmoniously integrate itself in the projects of companies and institutions. Imam Comunicación SL is a communication agency with more than 10 years of experience in the sector in Ibiza. The fact that its headquarters are located in Madrid means that its campaigns are suitably established within the context of the island while its connections with the capital allow it to coordinate the work that is required further afield.

Imam Comunicación has got its own design team to create advertising, logos, photo calls or corporate manuals as well as its own web development partner: Existalia. Imam Comunicación is a company that is expert at getting information across by means of online communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Imam Comunicación also specialises in creating media plans by which the most suitable ways and times to reach the widest audience for the message can be established. It is a company that offers you personalised, human, close treatment that is devoted to bringing its team closely in line with that of its clients so that ideas may flow in a natural, direct way.


  • Writing press releases and messages
  • Organising press conferences
  • Preparing press kits
  • Organising events
  • Communication and advertising consultancy
  • Planning advertising strategies
  • Writing web page texts, copy and all kinds of documents
  • Developing and creating web pages, logos, corporate manuals
  • Monitoring communication media
  • Writing and publishing magazines, pamphlets, videos, photographs and speeches
  • Managing social networks
  • Presenting and moderating events
  • Return on investment in social network marketing campaigns (ROI)
  • Courses and workshops on communication, image, protocol and social networks

IBIZA (Montse Monsalve)
C/Murcia, 23
07800 Ibiza
Tel. +34 678 786 214
[email protected]

MADRID (Marta Jiménez)
C/Castelló, 128
28006 Madrid
Tel. +34 678 786 213
[email protected]

BARCELONA (María Moya)
Tel. +34 615 691 438
[email protected]


Imam Comunicación

C/Murcia, 23
07800 Ibiza
+34 678 786 214