You might be surprised, but the typical cuisine of Ibiza is not Spanish. It’s eclectic Mediterrasian fusion, championed by the majority of high-class restaurants and relying equally strong on paella, pasta and sushi. However, today the island has definitely caught the Peruvian bug: this national cuisine has taken the gastronomic world by storm, offering a fresh and delicious alternative to the omnipresent sashimi and nigiri. While more and more restaurants are introducing Peruvian courses in their menus, Atzaro made a step further and opened a whole bar, Barra Peruana, devoted to the delicacies of this enchanting country.

The bar is located by the small pool, surrounded by Balinese beds, in the middle of the lovely romantic garden. Compiling the menu, chef Omar did his best to match the relaxed poolside atmosphere – according to his philosophy, every dish should be as light and refreshing as possible. Thus, no cuy will be fried here – the infamous Peruvian guinea pig is a bit too substantial for laidback Balearic summer. Instead, indulge yourself in ceviche, that is present in two types: the classic one made of fish, served with glazed sweet potato, and the seafood one, with banana chips. Tiraditos are also available in two versions: the fish one with yellow pepper sauce and the red tuna one with crunchy quinoa. At first sight, those dishes might look quite similar, but there is a meaningful difference in the way they are cooked: when making tiradotos, you just cut the fish and put the sauce on top immediately. Ceviche is more time-consuming: one has to marinate fish well in advance and let it soak up the spicy sauce.

Parmiggian clams looks stunning and taste piquant, while crab and mango causa with cocktail sauce is more delicate and would be a perfect option for a sensitive palate. Those who can’t imagine a proper meal without a fresh green leaf will appreciate grilled octopus and vegetables salad with wholegrain mustard – indeed a splendid course for poolside area. To wash it all down, try a cocktail based on El Pisco Gobernador: served in a relatively small portion, it tastes like tequila and looks pretty innocent. But beware: after gulping down one too many, you might find out you are actually not quite able to get up from your comfy bed!

Approaching the bar, you will contemplate the process of cooking in details – and it’s quite mesmerizing. Chef Omar washes, cuts and arranges the ingredients with maximum concentration, preserving the impression of a somewhat non-Ibicencan demureness on his face. He left Peru just a few weeks ago: Atzaro representatives went there in search of an ideal chef, and, after interviewing numerous candidates, placed their stakes on Omar. With six years of experience under his belt, this guy knows his craft and churns out succulent tiraditos exactly as they do it in his faraway homeland.


Carretera Sant Joan, km 15

07800 Santa Eularia des Riu

+34 971 338 838