On August 13 a new edition of Feel Ibiza was held at Pacha Barcelona featuring DJ Anna Tur as the main act. This monthly party, which features partners such as Ibiza Global Radio, Hierbas Familia Mari Mayans and Ibiza Style, has already become quite a reference point ever since Pacha Barcelona opened its doors a couple of years ago. What’s more, it continues to be a success with 2,500 people filling the club to experience those sensations so unique to the White Island.

“Feel Ibiza represents the spirit of nightlife in Ibiza”, says Rubén Miró, the event’s promoter. “Our parties have got Ibiza-style decoration, seductive performances and gogo dancers in costumes covered in feathers and precious stones…In addition, the sound is pure Ibiza house music, very vocal and melodic, with a few touches of tech house. It’s a cocktail that works really well and it appeals to all sorts of people”.

After the summer, Feel Ibiza is going on a tour that will visit the main Spanish cities (Madrid, Mallorca, Valencia, San Sebastian, Seville, Zaragoza…), and they have already been asked to take the party to a number of different international locations such as Rome, Naples, London and Croatia. There’s no doubt about it: Ibiza seduces both on and off the island.

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