The most exquisite sushi on the island served at your villa, a pâté appetiser or the best quality caviar, organising a vegan dinner or an improvised party with DJs of the likes of Felix Da Funk in a matter of hours, the wedding of your dreams in Ibiza…

The basic concept that lies behind Ibiza Foodsense is products and service of the very highest quality. A new company that is geared to delivering to villas and yachts and creating the most exclusive events but whose roots lie in the wide-ranging experience of Lucas Bahr Prats at the head of Ibifood, the leading company in Ibiza in gourmet foodstuffs and products with a matchless reputation in the sector.

For Bahr Prats the key to what it offers is precisely that experience and knowledge of the island, something that enables them to take care of everything down to the last detail, however small it is, and offer their clients whatever they need: “Whatever you want, when you want, where you want… You set the limit”. The finest foods and beverages available by means of a simple phone call. You would like to hold a Japanese dinner at your house tonight? Nothing could be easier: at Ibiza Foodsense they have got chefs who are specialised in any kind of gastronomy.

Company events, tailor-made planning of weddings in idyllic surroundings, a private concert, presenting your product or a stag night. At Ibiza Foodsense they take charge of organising such special events so that everything is impeccable, advising you and painstakingly handling every detail from the decoration to the furnishings, from the flowers to the music for which they have got some of the best DJs in Ibiza and the best sound system—KV2— that provides the highest sound quality on the market.

Yet another of their great features is the night-time drinks delivery, from midnight to 8 AM, ideal for those occasions when you have run out of drinks at your party or you have overlooked the champagne… It’s an extraordinary, integrated concierge service that will delight the most discerning palates.

Because the fact is that creativity, originality and fine taste are the soul of this unique company that seeks to seduce and captivate the customer on the basis of the five senses: “If you wish, we will even provide fragrances for your holidays”. With Ibiza Foodsense, anything you can imagine is at your fingertips.