Ibiza Therapy is just the tonic you need after enjoying a month of indulgent closing parties and giving another Ibiza summer everything you have. Whilst Ibiza is easing into Autumn and our bodies and minds need to recharge, we also most certainly  wish to continue enjoying the finer things in life!

A unique evening in the emblematic Café Montesol with innovative gastronomy, vibrant music and the incomparable company. Leading island trend magazine Ibiza Style invites to you to experience a truly unforgettable night on Saturday, November 18. Recharge and revitalise yourself with the exquisitely healthy cuisine prepared by a Michelin-star chef. On request, we serve this menu prepared for vegans. Please make sure to inform us when reserving your table.

Discover unique and divine flavours with a menu which is designed to delight and energise  your body invoking a senses of being brand new again. Inventive cocktails and the uplifting music from DJ Javi Viana and DJ Tom Crane help the evening flow fluidly, with the unique ambience only winter nights in Ibiza can offer.

Make sure this date is firmly in your winter diary. Saturday, November 18, from 7 pm, with no entrance charge. Reserve your table for dinner and allow your senses to vibrate by calling 871 51 50 49. Greet the winter with a smile, enjoying all the pleasures of life, whilst refreshing your body and mind with Ibiza Therapy: Ibiza Style’s monthly event at Café Montesol which everyone is going to be talking about this winter… http://bit.ly/2Arx0Zh

Cocktails Snacks

– Aioli crackers and seeds –
– Nori cracker –
– Patatas bravas –
– Welcome Drink –


Welcome drink: LAW-Tonic

– Caprese salad 2017 –
Burrata, avocado, tomato and  tomatowater,  pink grapefruit, verbena cream, nitro basil

– Celeriac, lemon and almonds from the island –

– Bloody Mary sorbet with nitrogen olive oil from Ibiza, Sal de Ibiza –

– Codfish, carrots, pumpkin, coconut kefir, lime –

– Lemon Hazelnut Dessert –


– 79 € –

Drinks included (wine/water)

After 12

Flemish fries, truffle mayo, Manchego

Café Montesol

Passeig de Vara de Rey

07830 Ibiza

+34 871 51 50 49