Just4You Music Solutions is a cultural leisure company specialising in classical music and jazz. Created and based in Ibiza, this company aims to spread quality music by means of maximum professionalism. Just4You has created an exclusive musical alternative for discerning customers who love culture and art. Its top-level musical team made up of experts who have specialised in their respective instruments, having graduated from different European conservatories, means that Just4You is in the position to offer a highly satisfactory product.


Classical music, chamber music, choirs, opera, classical and modern jazz…every imaginable variety with different kinds of instrumentation: piano, string quartet, saxophone, classical and flamenco guitar, jazz quartets, harp…whatever you can think of at the customer´s service; Just4You provides the musical format to match the needs of each customer, and always as part of an exclusive and discreet relationship.

In parallel, Just4You´s work is complemented by a project that will emerge next winter when a number of concerts will be held in emblematic places on the island with the aim of establishing a sequence of different performances during the entire year, thus promoting culture at that time of the year when there is a lack of music on offer.

Just4You offers its services for private parties and celebrations as well as music for weddings— both for the ceremony itself and for the banquet—by means of an attractive variety of artists.

With his wide experience and professional devotion to music, Juan Ballesteros, pianist and director of the orchestra, guarantees Just4You´s product through his commitment to quality.

Just4You Music Solutions