Along with her boyfriend Roberto Ruiz, another multi-talented young person, model, journalist, photographer and ideas man, she is visiting Ibiza for the first time in support of Gran Hotel Montesol’s new journey. “I have never been to a hotel that identifies itself so closely with my aesthetic”. As far as the Montesol is concerned, she is full of praise for its good taste, strong commitment to art and gastronomy and avowed aim to be a privileged meeting place on the island. “I’m not really one for going out partying; I love the early evening, having brunch and breakfasts: just what Montesol offers”.

With a grandmother who was a seamstress, she’s got fashion in the blood and talks with contagious enthusiasm about that world in which—at barely the age of 21—she has achieved practically everything. She has worked with magazines including Elle and Vogue and companies such as Chanel, Dior and Absolut, designed two jewellery collections and is about to finish a degree in design. Her current projects include exploring that part of her that is a “cool hunter” in greater depth: “I have always created my own books of trends.” What’s more, she’s got a new passion: fashion films. “It’s a format with many possibilities given that it blends cinema, fashion, literature, music and photography…it’s got the lot and it really reaches you because it’s very visual”.

A fan of art, travelling and fashion— key topics on her website—this enchanting young woman who tries  “to look for the slow side of everything” reveals to us some of the trends for this summer: “It’s about personality, being different, fabrics that shine and the way they drape, flounces and naked colours such as earth, blue and green. Women’s suits”, she smiles delightedly, “everything very retro and vintage”.

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