At the age of forty, Italian lawyer Steve Massa started making regular weekend visits to Ibiza. “I was forty-years-old and starting to get tired,” Steve laughs. “Then I found my second youth! From July 15th to the end of August the courts in Italy are closed, so I can be with my family in Ibiza. The first two or three years, I was basically listening to the music, studying the situation, learning about the true soul of Ibiza. Trying to understand how to live on the island, but not like a tourist.”

Five years ago, Steve started Now a comprehensive online party guide, back then the site was almost like a personal blog chronicling his adventures. “That first year we had 10,000 visits,” Steve recalls. “This year we’ve had around 300,000 visitors in eight months. I have a fantastic team of friends who help me with the project and it’s increasing in popularity every year.”

Steve’s love of music, as well as his passion for the island are the main driving forces behind the site. “It’s a website made by people that love Ibiza,” Steve concludes. “It’s not a commercial website. We don’t have sponsors or accept advertising. Of course, there are lots of wonderful websites in Ibiza, but only a few update their content throughout the year. We update everyday, even in the wintertime. I think this is why people are following us. And they also understand that we love the island and that for us Ibiza is not a commercial opportunity; it’s a love for life.”