At the end of August, the three friends have invited around 150 hand-picked guests to an exclusive private party at the Rooftop UP! Ibiza Sky Lounge at Hotel The Tower Usuahïa Ibiza in order to present their CASAMIGOS tequila for the first time in Europe. The three were accompanied by their wives. George Clooney came casually dressed in jeans and an open, white shirt. At his side, dressed in an elegant golden dress, was Amal Alamuddin. Rande Gerber came with supermodel Cindy Crawford while Michael Meldman was there with his spouse Monica Gambee. Among the guests were the British singer James Blunt and his wife, Sophia Wellesley, niece of the Duke of Wellington, the actor Idris Elba, the singer Taio Cruz, Cathy Guetta and the photographer Mario Testino.

Ibiza Style editor Jürgen Bushe had the opportunity to chat briefly with host George Clooney about his premium tequila. Unlike in Europe, the brand of agave liquor is very popular in the USA. In the beginning, Clooney and Gerber just wanted to distil a few bottles of the very finest tequila for themselves. But then, Rande Gerber and his brother Michael began to search for the best blue Weber agaves in the Highlands of the Mexican province of Jalisco. Hand-picked examples from the heart of these agave plants are then sent to the distillery, after which they are then turned into what is known as bagasse (a dry, pulpy residue). This is then slowly and lovingly fermented before the tequila is distilled. After that, it is left to mature for two months in stainless steel barrels (Casamigos Blanco) or—in the case of Casamigos Reposado—seven months in American oak barrels in which whisky had previously been matured.

The invited guests had the chance to sample a range of cocktails made of the three friends’ tequilas or try it out on its own.

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