Imagine a summer night; the ideal company, a soft breeze that cools off the heat of the day and the kind of feeling of nonchalance that comes from not having to look at your watch. After an intense day in the sun and with salt covering your skin, the shower you took leaves you feeling brand new again, and so you go out onto the streets, ready to live the night time to the utmost, and even more so when you´re in Ibiza. All of a sudden, you stop to think… is there anything in the world you find more appetizing that some good sushi?


And that´s when you arrive at B.for. You walk up the red carpet and enter a bubble where the only thing you have to worry about from that moment on is which dish you are going to choose. It´s quite an experience at the hands of the renowned chef “Amedi” what with all the flavours he´s reinvented for you to discover: California roll de foie or sushi in tempura? Or, better still, why don´t we let ourselves be carried away by the exclusive, new bull tuna in any one of its many forms; a whole range of mouth-watering sensations that will leave you wanting to keep sampling more.

Now close your eyes and go on a journey of flavours through the very best Japanese fusion cuisine. Mediterranean and Asian touches combine with other delicacies such as a Don Olegario wine that is also available as a limited edition in its most exclusive version: Media Pipa. This voyage is accompanied at every moment by friendly, attentive service that anticipates exactly when to be there when it is required. Everything has been thought of so that the most important thing of all—being carried away—comes first: anything else is superfluous.


Take in the sounds around you; all those voices and laughing are the perfect accompaniment to the beats of the DJs, Vazquez and Pablo Dass, who will be in charge all season of providing the musical background to the most magical evenings, bordering on perfection. Especially, when it comes to the sound of the cocktails that confirm that the night has only just begun. Stop what you´re doing for a moment and look up. You are on the island´s most glamourous terrace, right at the heart of the golden mile of the Pitiusas Islands, two steps away from the most famous club in the world and five minutes away from Heart or Lío: two of the most ground-breaking, widely acclaimed venues among people from all over the world.

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