Amidst the White Isle’s many glamorous eateries and their luxurious menus – the kind of places you go to ‘see and be seen’ and take the social media snaps to prove you were there – a revolution is brewing. Growing tired of repetitive gourmet fare and overpriced cuisine, Margot and Pierre, the dynamic duo behind new Jesus restaurant, wine bar and champagnerie Boca Chula, decided to create a foodie destination that reflects their shared ethos of eating well at fair prices.

Sourcing ingredients as close to home as possible – ideally at km0 – by working with carefully selected suppliers such as local fisherman Miguel, who is proudly presented on the venue’s impeccable Instagram feed, the focus of Boca Chula’s mouth-watering menu is on simple, high quality dishes that allow the flavours to do the talking and that are perfect for sharing with your nearest and dearest. Whether that’s toasting an evening with friends with expertly prepared cocktails, or dazzling a date with champagne and fresh oysters, at Boca Chula you can feast on everything from crisp aubergine boats topped with fresh basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and creamy burrata cheese to a perfectly grilled octopus served on a hearty slice of polenta or gnocchi in a classic, fruity ‘Sorentina’ tomato sauce.

Firm believers in the philosophy that you shouldn’t pay premium to enjoy the fantastic local produce, great care has been taken to create an interesting, uncomplicated menu that will delight guests not only with its quality and taste, but also its prices. Prepared by head chef Salvatore Eletto, the dishes are beautiful to look at but not over-presented, and bursting with fragrant aromas that are carefully and elegantly balanced. It was exactly this skill that made Margot and Pierre want to bring the kitchen maestro on board after Pierre, who many will remember from his days at Clandestino, was wowed by the chef’s simple yet subtly sublime pasta dishes. Now, Salvatore is very much considered a partner in the Boca Chula passion project.

Much like its varied menu, the eatery offers a corner for every occasion in stylish yet welcoming surroundings. From the airy terrace, where guests can take a seat underneath a Chiringuito-style roof thatched with dried palm leafs – complete with colourful parrots bursting out of the foliage – to a cosy corner inside illuminated by the glow of bare Edison light bulbs, you will feel right at home whether you are popping in for a glass of wine, some ‘pan y jamon’ from the market-style stall, a selection of tapas or a full-blown feast. Every corner of Boca Chula is totally Instagram-worthy, but the aim of the concept is very much to disconnect for a while, savour the flavours and spend quality time over carefully prepared food with your loved ones.

Boca Chula

Carrer des Cap Martinet, 3

07819 Jesus

+34 617 465 714