Sevillista seré hasta la muerte” (a line from the anthem of FC Sevilla meaning “I’ll be a fan of Seville until I die”), colourful, extravagant, someone who is not afraid to say what he thinks, the ghost of Abidal, God i.e. Messi’s assistant and designer of eyewear: Dani Alves (Juazeiro, Bahía, 1983) answers and runs.

What does someone do after they have done everything?

Well, what I want to do is carry on doing what I love, like a child who never gets tired of playing with their favourite toy. I still love it because winning is like a vice and when you’ve tasted it, you can’t stop doing it.

Has it ever occurred to you that when people watch videos of Messi in a hundred years time you will always be there as a supporting actor?

In the end, Messi is a normal person that others tend to see differently. What you say about the videos makes me proud, but above all it comes down to having been his professional companion, especially during the beautiful moments that we have shared together.

In a Barça-Madrid match, if you are on the attack you have to support Messi and if you go back into defence you have to defend against Cristiano Ronaldo: don’t you think, in that case, that the person who deserves the player of the year award is Dani Alves?

Ha, ha, ha. Well, I have my own opinion about that award but I adapt well to both tasks.

Do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo is the most difficult footballer to defend against that you have encountered in your career?

In my position, unfortunately, you have to face great players and Cristiano is one of them. However, there have been others, many of them, and he wasn’t the most difficult one to mark.

What’s your favourite memory from your time at Barça?

All of the moments have been special, but having shared with and learnt from Abidal is, without a doubt, the best one of all.

Over recent years, you have become a fashion icon. Do you aspire to be the Lady Gaga of world football?

No, I don’t aspire to be that. I just have a different way of dressing and I like it. I believe that being normal is boring. You should always be daring and spontaneous and that happens when you don’t aim to be anyone other than yourself.

Now that you have brought out your Bam Bam line of eyewear, is it possible that its users will see the world as Dani Alves sees it?

You won’t be able to see it as I see it, but it’s not for want of trying. I guarantee that you won’t get bored if people see it as I see it (laughs).

Does the eyewear just represent your first steps in the world of fashion? What do you think about the team’s official kit – you must find it really boring?

Yes, it is the first step; I will try to do more things. The truth is that I do find the team’s official kit boring; they ought to have something else for my liking.

Who are you taking notice of when it comes to choosing your styles? 

The truth is that I don’t take much notice of male models, but I do watch female models closely because I think that that’s where you find the most daring inspiration, which means that you can combine more things for men. I also follow Instagram closely.


Do you think that Ibiza has got something that you can’t find in Brazil? What is it about this island that footballers like so much?

I don’t think it’s got anything that you can’t find in Brazil. We footballers choose Ibiza because it is very close and because not only do you have the option of going out at night but you can also relax.

In addition to fashion, watching the videos that you upload of yourself playing an instrument and singing, is it possible that we will see Dani Alves starting out on a great musical career when he is finished with football?

Noooooo!!!! I only do it to have a good time because I love good music. I haven’t got a particular style; I like anyone who can come up with something high quality.

The World Cup in Brazil was a bad experience for your team but was it worse seeing Mascherano and Messi singing ‘Brasil decime qué se siente….’? Did you call them up to tell them off? 

Nooo!!! That’s just football and that’s why it’s so special, although I believe that everything has a use in this life… Everything is a learning process for the person who wants to learn.

At Barça you form trios or quartets with Piqué in defence. Do you see yourself doing the same thing with Shakira?

No, I don’t see myself doing that, but I love the music she makes.

When you and Neymar appear on television, it is always singing, dancing, playing around or doing something. You get the impression that, for Brazilians, Spain must seem to them the most boring country in world.

Well, every place has its own culture and we respect it. It wouldn’t be much fun if you were to respect how they live and they didn’t respect how you live (laughs). We’re going to carry on like that because we understand having a good life to mean one that is not boring.

After having played for Seville and being such a music lover, do you sing their anthem in the shower?

I like it so much that I sing it when I play against them (laughs).

You are going to a training session in your car and you’ve got to choose a song but you’ve only got three options: ‘Amor mío’ sung by Cristiano Ronaldo, ‘Malagata’ by El Mono Burgos, and ‘Ai, se eu te pego’ sung by Neymar.

‘Ai se eu te pego’ ha, ha, ha, of course.

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