If you were to take a cross section of Hadrien Cüpper’s art, it would be everything from street art, painting on the bottom of a swimming pool, to bodypainting models… there is no stereotypical theme to Hadrien’s work.

“I got into graffiti when I was very young and I was really fascinated about tagging but it wasn’t moving in the direction I wanted, so I started to transfer the skills from the street onto canvas and recycled pieces of flat wood.”

“I love to collaborate,” says the Belgium born artist who has officially called Ibiza home for 12 years. “I started spending time here as a baby because my mum came here a lot in the 70s.” So his connection with the island runs deep.

“When I arrived on the island I had the chance to reform a 200-year-old finca. I spent 10 years of my life learning a lot about the history of ibiza and the crafts. The finca was so old it had no walls or ceilings! Through the project to reform and design the interior of the finca, and I learned lots of new techniques and historic methods. I really enjoyed that, and I have taken that forward with my lifestyle and my art. I class myself as painter, but the way I see art is to through a vision of travelling and looking at life. I learned a lot through that project and also through my uncle who was also involved in it. He is an artist also and came to live in Ibiza 50 years ago.” They went onto win four architectural prizes.

Hadrien and his uncle, Francis Dimmer, collaborated to design a lamp called Centriolo that you can find in the restaurant Hämbre.

Having since sold the finca, Hadrien now has a warehouse near San Juan which he’s turned into his art studio and exhibition area.

His collaborating has continued in earnest – working with artists and brands from the island customising leather bags and up-cycling jackets. Also painting the discotheque at Six Senses Hotel, and painting the bottom of a swimming pool at El Silencio.

“I’ve been approached by hostels and restaurants. I was asked by Six Senses to paint the bar and hand paint a few 3 metre high panels that a designer from Barcelona had designed. I also was asked recently to hand paint letting on the bottom of a pool for an artist. I just love to collaborate with people who make things with their heart. I like to constantly experiment and make ‘good’ mistakes.”

Hadrien feels his relationship with Ibiza has influenced his work: “I went through a phase of using black and white and red as colours, but when I came to Ibiza that changed into a phase of colour. My last series reminds me of the beautiful skies – the purples, pinks and reds of calm and beautiful sunsets. Every day is unique, and I want to make the most of every day.”

His diversity has no limits. Recent work encompasses painting at private parties and weddings – sometimes painting bodies, other times creating a large scale piece of art as people watch on. “I painted a sailing boat once!” Is there anything he wouldn’t paint? “I always like to bring something quality,” he says.

Much of Hadrien’s work can be spotted around the island in hotels and restaurants, including Hämbre in Santa Eulalia and Pom Thai in San Antonio.





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