Entrepreneur, hotelier, and real estate pioneer Hank Freid has made a career of creating inspirational, unique hotels in areas of New York which were not considered to be desirable, and by doing so, transforming neighbourhoods into more attractive and upcoming destinations within the city.

Hank also has enjoyed a life of travelling, spending summers in St Tropez, Sardinia and on the Amalfi Coast and now, more recently, his heart has been captured, like so many before him by the magic of Ibiza.. an island still in its infancy, which he tells us is akin to the vibrant scene 10 or 12 years ago in  Miami which made it such a thriving destination. Having spent some time in Santorini and Mykonos earlier in the season, which many people told him  are´ the places to be´, Hank tells us that for him, as beautiful as Greece is, it simply doesn´t compare to the inimitable vibe of the White Island, where he feels more of a connection to the Balearic spirit.

He comes here to enjoy the party scene, the beaches and also, in the last year he has also been searching for properties which he can give his own special touch to, to create his own venue here on the island.

Basing himself at the Ibiza Gran, where he has stayed for years, one of the very few five star hotels to be found, the distinctly small number of establishments of this quality which exist on an island where more and more people are seeking excellent and luxurious accommodation options is what has inspired Hank´s search for the perfect properties. It all depends on finding that optimum place of real estate, and only he will know when he´s found the right spot, and will be able to begin to realise his dream of creating a venue of such excellence as his renowned, elegant hotel The Sanctuary which is in the very heart of New York City.

Searching all over the island, he has looked at places in both Marina Botafoch and San Antonio amongst others, the latter being a strange choice, some may think, however, he says that, alongside a 5 star hotel, he can also envision creating a kind of boutique hostal, a place where young backpackers can stay in affordable shared accommodation with good service, allowing those who cannot afford the high prices of the superclubs and expensive restaurants, to gather together and experience the beauty of Ibiza.

To conclude, the reason Hank is so determined to find the perfect properties here on Ibiza is because he feels like he is coming home when he arrives here, and that more and more people are eschewing the crowds and big money glamour of St Tropez to come and discover all that Ibiza has to offer.

We wait with high expectations to see what innovative and undoubtedly stylish ventures Hank will bring to our shores in the future.