It was only just one year ago that Europe’s first Hard Rock Hotel opened its doors to the public, and where better to do so than on the ‘white island’, holiday destination par excellence. Here, on the shores of the Mediterranean, located on Playa d’en Bossa, it offers a wide range of services as well as boasting high quality Spanish gastronomy served in one of its best restaurants, Estado Puro.

Paco Roncero, its creator, is one of the leading exponents of cutting edge Spanish cooking. With this project he stands out on account of his innovative approach to the field of haute cuisine. The winner of two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns, he made a triumphant entrance in Ibiza on opening his third establishment. Divided in two sections—one reserved for tapas and the other for more formal, à la carte dining on a reservation-only basis—it has a seating capacity of 300 diners.

This gastro bar started out on its journey in 2008 and there are now three more establishments, two of them in Madrid and one that opened last year in Shanghai. When it came to Ibiza, they went for a laid-back design with lots of colours and glamour. There’s a world of difference between the more ‘informal’ area to have a drink and eat tapas at high tables, sitting on stools, and the dining saloon.

With its cock’s crest logo, the company’s approach is founded on innovating traditional tapas as the basis of our gastronomic culture. Like this, it makes a break with the classical, bringing the most typical dishes up to date and giving them an avant-garde air. As happens with its famous 21st century Spanish omelette or the sandwiches and bruschetta it includes on its menu. All the way from the best known flavours such as croquettes or anchovies in vinegar to luxurious natural oysters.

What is more, the hotel is also home to Sublimotion—yet another of Roncero’s inventions—a unique restaurant with a seating capacity of 12 diners per night.

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