With people tuning in more than 9 million times per month from 180 countries and with more than half a million followers on social media, Ibiza Global Radio & TV maintains its indisputable position as the leader in its field. Famous for its live rebroadcasts of big national and international artists, the radio station consolidated its international leadership last year. Amongst other things, this was thanks to the Ibiza Global Showcase world tour that enabled it to bring that select, exquisite sound that characterises the soundtrack of Ibiza at its most authentic to such places as Germany, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Israel and Singapore. Year after year, Ibiza Global Radio maintains and strengthens its position as the world’s number one electronic music radio station. We wanted to find out a bit more about the people who make up the team behind this unstoppable success.


“Born to be Global”

Brought up to the sound of the 80s, Anna, a.k.a. “Tuning” among friends, loves every kind of music from classical music (she was a ballerina for many years) to heavy metal, although when nobody is watching she prefers to listen to emotive, sensitive songs. A fan of sweets, coffee and reality TV, Ibiza Global Radio and her family are what she takes greatest pride in. It is easy to make Anna laugh and she cannot bear bad smells or disloyalty. If she were a man, she would be “a Casanova” and she would like to be reborn as a dog similar to her beloved Kanna, now deceased.


“Do what you like and enjoy life”

Xavi relaxes by listening to mediaeval Celtic music and gets his kicks from playing old school hip-hop tracks when he’s driving in his car. Nonetheless, when it comes to deejaying he prefers to play atmospheric deep house. He’s mad about sweets and bullit de peix, would choose Pocholo as his companion for having a good time, never watches TV and admits to having a deep phobia of reggaeton. He says he is a sun worshipper and if he had to exchange his life for someone else’s, it would be for that of a Buddhist monk. At the moment, however, you can find him at night at his party, DeepArtmenT at Club 107.


“Everything is much simpler”

He laughs at Mariano Rajoy, would like to be reborn as a koala bear and would go out on the town with Snoop Dogg. Jordi always has a bottle of hierbas ibicencas ready in his fridge and is incapable of starting the day without a couple of cups of coffee with milk. Nicknamed “fatty” by his friends, he doesn’t care about sport and can’t stand having cold feet. When he’s not interested in something, he immediately switches off. When he’s on his own, he prefers to listen to jazz or hip-hop. He believes that his greatest achievement in life has been his children and if he had to change places with somebody, it would be with his brother, Sergi.


“Live and let live”

A lover of high-level techno by artists such as Carl Cox or the Martinez Brothers and, in general, of all musical styles, Leo likes to laugh about everything in life, above all herself. She can’t resist beauty and such great everyday pleasures as a good paella, a shot of tequila reposado or a sunset in Formentera or Cala Comte. Tremendously sociable, she loves talking and meeting new people and wouldn’t change places with anybody, even though she would have liked to be born more musically gifted. She doesn’t believe in aliens because “there are already enough weird creatures on the planet”.


“I really like my life and I wouldn’t exchange it with anybody”

Punk, folk and reggae are Benjamin’s favourite styles of music and his choice of the ideal companions for going on a night out or having a beer would be Joey Ramone, Joe Strummer or Bob Marley, so that he could talk about music and life with them. When it comes to the island, above all, he loves its natural beauty and he is concerned about the problem of high rental prices and the lack of housing. Cuinat is his favourite Ibicencan dish, even though he’s crazy about Thai food. He doesn’t have a TV but, of course, he is a loyal follower of Global TV.


“Believe in yourself, stay away from anything that contaminates, and keep on going with a smile and without egotism. What you put into life is what you get out of it”

A fan of deep house, tech and tech house and artists such as Charles Wester, Kevin Yost or Ian Pooley, Miguel surprises us when he confesses to also liking Mocedades. Known as “Ore” amongst his closest friends, he plays paddleball assiduously, would have no problem in going without a mobile phone and would choose to be reincarnated as a superhero like Superman. He always keeps a stock of tomatoes and olives in his fridge and loves flaó. He criticises the lack of infrastructure on the island, exorbitant rentals and the difficulty that residents have in finding somewhere to play during the summer.


“Here and now”

The musical delights to which Rafa owns up go from disco music to symphonic rock, but his favourite group is Depeche Mode. He admits to being incapable of shutting up, although he makes up for it with great diplomacy. Rafa, who at home used to be called “el Pepsicolo”, needs a bucket of coffee to get up in the morning and adores having a beer or a paella in good company. He believes he has the ability to see into the future, would choose to be reborn as a dolphin and does not hesitate to laugh at politicians. His finest achievement is his daughter, Ariadna.


“Live the life you have imagined”

She admits to knowing the lyrics of most of Isabel Pantoja’s songs and is a huge fan of the music of singer songwriters such as Antonio Orozco, Ismael Serrano, Sabina and Calamaro. When it comes to having a good time, she would choose Will Smith, but she would have a beer with Puigdemont in order to convince him of the extent to which, as a Catalan, the independence movement seems absurd to her. She detests homophobia, the neglected condition of Dalt Vila and the exorbitant prices on the island. Deeply optimistic, Ariadna is proud of the life she has chosen to lead and would not exchange it with anybody.


“Let your passion play”

A fan of the Spice Girls and crazy about 90s music in general, for the perfect party she would choose Carl Cox on the terrace of Amnesia in the company of her friends. She is nuts about candies and anything sweet including flaó, her favourite Ibicencan dish. There is a permanent stock of carrots and humus in her fridge, she does sport every day before breakfast and when it comes to having a beer, she would choose the company of her mother, with whom she claims to have an almost telepathic connection. She would have liked to be an astronaut or a dolphin so that she could swim freely in the sea. Her great phobia of spiders and cockroaches leads her to check the bed every night before going to bed.


“Live the moment”

Without blushing, Mari Carmen confesses that Rocío Jurado is “the greatest” and that, despite liking all kinds of music, it is flamenco and, in particular, Miguel Poveda, that she is most passionate about. Her idea of having a good time would be in the company of the actors, María and Paco León. This woman who laughs at everything and who her friends call “orejona” would love to be a man because it would mean she could piss standing up. When it comes to horoscopes, she only believes in good omens. Her passions are chocolate and her family, which has just grown with the baby she recently gave birth to. She would like the island to become more sustainable and ecological, with less plastic and less cars.


“Life takes many turns: keep going forward!”

In spite of his long career and musical tastes that comprise almost every style, Jose Maria had never paid much attention to hip hop, but now he’s crazy about it, even trap. His greatest vices are Netflix and red wine and his fridge is always well stocked with cold cuts of meat and cheese. The first thing he does every morning on waking up is to open Instagram, even though he believes that life without a mobile phone would be a blessing.  “Xumi”, as his companions call him, is terrified of spiders and if he had to be an animal, he would choose to be a tyrannosaurus rex. He cannot stand the fact that everyone claims to be a DJ and confesses to being a daytime person 100%: “People have to bite me on the neck to get me to go out at night, if it’s not in order to work”.

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Live Internet: www.ibizaglobalradio.com