This iconic restaurant is quite simply part of Ibiza´s soul and spirit, and as she prepares to enter her 18th year, we speak to the dynamic brother and sister team, JonJon and Sasha Moon, who this year will be at the helm of beautiful Bambuddha.

Having spent their childhood in and around the restaurant, and watched it grow and evolve over the years, both JonJon and Sasha represent the heart and soul of this most opulent venue, and both bring their own individual strengths, skills and passions to empower and enrich the growth of Bambuddha moving forward into another season.

Having studied business at Oxford, England, JonJon is the driving force behind the logistics of the business, and his wealth of knowledge from both his studies and having spent many years at the very centre of Bambuddha is unrivalled. Therefore, he instinctively understands the needs and desires of the devoted diners, both island residents and visitors alike, and those who come simply to soak up the inimitable ambience.  He tells us that his reason for finally taking the leap to return to direct the business is to continue the legacy which his father created, and to ensure that this fabulous family affair continues to enrich the island.

Blessed with beauty and an innate talent for fashion design, Sasha encapsulates the elegant yet bohemian beating heart of Bambuddha and her sensual being. This year, she will be taking care of the PR side of the business, with her natural charm and international connections making her the obvious person to enhance Bambuddha´s already glowing reputation. Having travelled the world designing and sourcing unique and eclectic clothing, she has spent many years in Bali, but again, always found herself drawn back to the island. She tell us she has returned to Ibiza to give her children the same upbringing she herself enjoyed, full of colour, madness, safety and love, to be close to her family and familiar faces. As much as travelling will always be in her blood, the magnetic force of the island always draws her back. She is delighted to be working alongside her brother and expanding the Bambuddha empire.

Always pioneering, bold and forward thinking, we can expect even more culinary delights from their sublime MeditterAsian menu for 2017, and we at Ibiza Style look forward to watching Bambuddha  continue to thrive and grow. So much more than just simply a fine dining destination, Bambuddha is a melting pot for artists, thinkers, dreamers, philosophers and those who desire the unorthodox, welcomed as always by the legendary Black Sheep Tribe.

Bookings: 971 197 510

Describe YOUR Ibiza in five words.

JonJon… “ In Ibiza, anything is possible”
Sasha… “A wondrous merry go round”

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