You come across these tiny, fine places and, at first glance, you cannot tell why they so fascinate you. And then … then you realise: it is made with love! Just such a place is La Casita Ibicenca in Carrer D’Enmig.

You get this love free in the fine paper bag when you have bought something and then once more when you open it up on the table back home and you spread the delicious fig bread with creamy honey or refine the taste of the cheese with fig jam.

All their products come from the island, including popular products for inner well-being and outer beauty. Wonderful, new cosmetic products and classics such as Hierbas de Ibiza, Campos de Ibiza, Mar de Ibiza, Burbujas de Ibiza and Isa Posidonia, including beautiful homemade soaps from Ibiza Soap.

Carob products such as syrup from Casita Verde, flour and chocolate have long been trendy health foodstuffs and healthy alternatives to conventional products. But because what counts at La Casita Ibicenca is quality over quantity there are also little sachets of lavender to leave your laundry sweet-smelling year-round as well as olive oils, salts from the island, beer, wine, liqueurs (e.g. fig liqueur, a delight) and coffee from both Meke and Cafés Ibiza, in addition to cheeses and Companatge sobrasadas.

Selected Ibiza literature, articles from Café del Mar and Piratas de Ibiza T-Shirts round out the assortment of love in the shop, which is open daily from 11:00 in the morning until 02:00 at night from Easter until the end of October. A second store is located in Cocoq on the road to Santa Eulalia.

La Casita Ibicenca

Carrer Enmig 6

07800 Ibiza

+34 619 471 436

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