It’s one of those hot summer evenings and we’re sitting in the garden of marc’s restaurant beneath a shady ivy roof. There’s a pleasantly refreshing breeze and a well-chilled drink in your glass; that’s the ideal way to put up with the searing heat. The friendly service let’s us know that we will only be charged for every second drink. That’s because it’s happy hour between 7pm and 8pm during the whole month of August. On top of that, we are even served a delicious little snack.



While we are still studying the menu, Marc Lindemann looks over our shoulders and recommends we take a look at the barbecue menu. He goes into raptures about Luis de Blas, who is reputed to be one of the best suppliers of beef in Spain. That’s who he gets his porterhouse steak from, as well as something that’s particularly exclusive: a bison back cutlet. Lastly, we allow his Argentinian grill specialist to prepare us this and we’re still raving about the sensational culinary experience we had a day or two later. But the truth is the tenderloin steak, rib steak, entrecôte and the Iberian pork loin are exceptionally high quality, too. Although we have to add; there’s no grilling on Sundays, which is when Eriberto Cruz gets the guests going with Cuban music.

Marc’s Restaurant

Carrer de Cala Llonga, 6

+34 971 316 245

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