Ibiza is mine. I was born here and I have made my profession and my career out of my passion for the island: it’s my life. The great thing about this island is that, irrespective of wherever you come from, it’s also the island of many, many other people. Ibiza is for those who love her, but you have to love her very much.

That’s why, when I was asked to carry out a project called ME Ibiza, I said yes straight away. ME is also for anyone who feels it to be theirs; it’s a reflection of the sophistication and sparkle of Ibiza. It’s a love of detail, it’s being special and knowing it, it’s enjoying that individualism. And, just like the island that’s home to us, this year ME is reinventing itself, improving and working passionately in search of excellence. It never settles for anything but the best and, in doing so, serves as an inspiration for the entire world.


This year at ME Ibiza we’re improving everything, just as the experience that our hotel offers is improving. A wide range of events, incredible culinary experiences and art exhibitions: because what we are essentially cannot be improved: there’s no landscape better than ours, you won’t find better views or a sea that’s bluer than our sea or sunsets that are more beautiful than the ones we see every day.

What we can, however, improve is the variety, what we offer, the quality, the service, the love with which we do what we do every day. And that’s because at the end of the day, we have the good fortune to love the place where we live unconditionally, let’s feel it our own, let’s make it unbeatable…more than it already is.

We invite you to take part in the tribute that we are making to Ibiza, in an event that we are celebrating on the Rooftop Terrace on Saturday May 21st from 18:00 onwards: Come and Meet ME Ibiza.

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