These mythical, ethereal beauties are said to have inhabited the seas and cast their magical spell by wooing sailors with their sirenic songs. However, in Ibiza today, we meet three real life mesmerising mermaids who are not luring good sailors to a watery grave, but instead bewitching their audiences with their musical talents.

A trio of hypnotic females, Claire Wakeman, Tahnee Lee Lindemann and Wiebke Pahrmann have joined forces and merged their vocal and instrumental skills to a new and unique concept to Ibiza, as performing artists Musical Mermaids.

The group grew organically together from an original idea of Claire, who was attending parties where people were dressed as fantastical creatures, such as mermaids and unicorns, and it drove her to combine her lifelong dream of being a real mermaid with her musical talents, and having met Tahnee and Wiebke on this most magical of islands, it was only a matter of time before their complementary passions for performance, costume and music brought them together to form this tantalising trio.

Creating their captivating costumes by using the skills of the best of the best designers on the island, their inimitable look is enhanced with makeup and embellishment from Katy Gill and Lauren Dellow from In Your Dreams Ibiza, with bespoke costumes created for them by talented seamstress Zoey Evans of Iris Batholomew Couture. Their crowning glory, fabulous, handcrafted crowns are by Emma David of Spiritual Gypsy, and Natalie Wood from ‘Deafened Decorum’ and the end result of these collaborations is quite simply mesmerising.

Singing as a three part harmony, with all three mermaids expressing their vocal talents, Claire also plays guitar, whilst Wiebke plays flugelhorn and violin, alongside other percussions, suited to the ambience. They always tailor make their musical choices to fit the venue, client and setting, and they showcase their musical talents with unique arrangements of popular songs which cover a vast range of genres. A typical mermaid performance would start tranquilly with an ethereal sound, and build up to a passionate crescendo with solos and percussion to truly enchant the crowd. Indeed, their harmonies have been described by some clients as sounding like mermaid angels, with their melodic voices ringing out over the water.

They plan to introduce a new style of enchantment by raising the tempo and collaborating with some of the islands hottest DJ’s at pool parties and private events, creating a mermaid wonderland where In Your Dreams and their own mermaid dressing up box can transform guests into mermaids for the night, a dream come true!

Ibiza is their spiritual home, and the legends of the sirens who are said to have lived around Es Vedra make this the most natural place for them to perform. Having recently been flown to play an exclusive set at the One and Only resort in the Maldives, they are soon jetting off to Rome and Sicily, and of course more Ibiza performances are on the agenda for this summer, as well as a return to the Maldives in October. You can keep up to date with their performance schedule on their Facebook page.

We expect to see much more of these sublime sirens on the island this summer, and look forward to being enchanted by the Musical Mermaids..

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