This year for the first time I have had the opportunity to discover a different side to the island since landing here in June, allowing me to discover new places and sensations, where I could relax and unwind. Promoting my new perfume, Cannes Film Festival, the launch of High Off My Love, my latest single which has already sold millions of copies, Nicky’s wedding preparations, my new line Paris Kids…I can’t express how amazing the last few months have been! When I got to Ibiza it was like stepping into paradise, the temperature was perfect, no crowds, no traffic or rush, not to mention that infectious excitement which you feel at the beginning of the season and of course the club openings! It was a blast, with long days at sea enjoying one of my passions in life: watercraft. Ibiza and Formentera are my favourite places to set sail and release adrenaline. The sea here is a bumpy freeway to which you can take off and explore, touring the coast for small sandy coves and isolated spots. I love nature, so I want to apologise for the bathroom in the protected area of Formentera. Completely unaware that it was forbidden, otherwise it would not have happened!


Ibiza is the home of peace and harmony with its endless sunsets, the most amazing aqua-blue water imaginable, parties, long nigths out with friends and most of all, musical inspiration. Do you not find it incredible that such a small place can bring together the best DJs in the world every summer, giving you the choice to pick from a number of amazing surprises in the form of parties every night? The quality of music here in Ibiza is stunning, a real luxury, so when I’m here I try to learn and absorb all the sounds, rhythms and trends. I feel very fortunate to have yet another summer here in Ibiza, you can find me in Ibiza with my fans every Saturday, as you know, in the Main Room of Amnesia.

The party has completed three years on the island and I can now say that it is a worldwide reference. Thanks to all who have supported me over this time and of course all those at Amnesia Ibiza!

This month will be very intense and I feel that it will bring many surprises and amazing moments. All my friends of course want to visit me in Ibiza, so don’t be surprised when you arrive in the Foam & Diamonds lounge or the VIPof Amnesia and suddenly find yourself alongside the most glamorous and famous people in the world. Its going to be so much fun! Work, parties, saling, friends, music… and love. Ibiza makes me happy!