Majoral is crossing the small stretch of sea that separates Formentera from Ibiza. The new Majoral store is in a Store-Gallery designed by Martín Azúa where the firm explains its origins in the For- mentera of the 79s and its evolution, until becoming an internationally renowned brand. The shop shows unique pieces by Enric Majoral, classical collections and new designs inspired by the nature world of the island of Formentera. The shop is in the very heart of the town opposite the Pereira theatre, on the ground floor of a building of traditional architecture. Natural materials have been used to make it such as Santanyí stone. The flooring is hydraulic tiles with a design that reproduces Neptune grass, manufactured especially for Majoral by the Mallorca company Huguet. The shop is a space in which as well as appreciating the jewellery, a series of exhibitions will be organised that will change over the months. The Majoral shop itself thus becomes an ambassador for Formentera in Ibiza.

Joyería Majoral

Calle Anníbal 8

07800 Ibiza

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