Can you imagine eating in an haute cuisine restaurant, but one which has the right prices to suit any pocket? That’s what this beautiful restaurant located in Vara de Rey, one of the most emblematic places in Ibiza, offers.

Here you will be able to enjoy a true gastronomic experience tasting different signature dishes. That is to say, the visitor will find top-quality products they have themselves created based on the latest trends and haute cuisine techniques such as nitrogen, xanthan gum (used for thickening), agar (a gelatine) or lecithin (a natural emulsifier). And all of it without forgetting how important it is to satisfy diners’ appetites. In the words of their chef, Gonzalo Aragüez, “in my kitchen I start out by aiming to feed people, after that I develop all the rest: innovative, attractive, original things…always looking to surprise my public” and, he tells us “I want people to leave here delighted with the diversity of different new flavours”. To achieve this variety, Gonzalo does not hesitate to introduce products from different countries such as jicama, a tuber from central America; rocoto, a variety of pepper from Peru or green papaya but…always giving everything that unique Mediterranean touch.

Who doesn’t fancy trying some cherry tomatoes from Ibiza that take no less than 38 hours to prepare, a kind of bread from China that they make themselves and which requires 24 hours to ferment, croquettes made without milk or frozen tuna tartar with black sesame ice cream? Sa Brisa offers a sampling menu for €45 in which you can try these dishes and many more. But they also offer other, more economical menus. The menu is divided up into five sections: appetisers, a selection of tapas, items from the kitchen garden and from the countryside and little seafood treasures, all of them accompanied by an excellent selection of wines.

Sa Brisa Ibiza

Yet another of their unusual innovative suggestions is the menu of sugar free desserts: a genuine spectacle of shapes, flavours and textures. “When I prepare a dessert, I do it as if it were one of my own offspring, I want it to be perfect”, David Denais tells us. He defines himself as a confectionary fanatic with one clear objective: that his deserts should produce an exciting journey of sensations in the visitor’s mouth. Among his favourites there is the croustillant, a biscuit cake with white chocolate, fresh passion fruit and a hot chocolate coating on the outside.

Managed by the owners themselves, Esther and Pere have assembled a magnificent and highly qualified haute cuisine team. Put together, Sa Brisa offers diners a setting in which warmth and cosiness is combined with what is contemporary and urban, rustic simplicity with sophistication, elegance with comfort…All these contrasts together make it a unique place that is full of passion, excitement and dreams.

Sa Brisa Gastro Bar

Passeig de Vara de Rey 15

07800 Ibiza

+34 971 090649

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