Tell us something about the history of your record shop, Can Vinilo, please. When did you start, how did the idea come about und who is who at Can Vinilo?

Can Vinilo started from the idea of keeping the essence of vinyl and analogic sound alive in Ibiza. We are two guys on their journey that started in May 2014! David has been a Spanish resident DJ on the island for over 17 years, who was in contact with vinyls from his early age, and me, Bogdan, I am a Romanian promoter, who is based and established in Ibiza for the last 10 years with a large music experience, which I gained over the years working and living in this business. The idea came naturally. There was no other record shop in Ibiza and one of the best parts in buying records is looking personally for treasures, touching old vinyls until you find that black round piece that makes you happy and satisfied.

What was the main concept idea – which style, which musical direction was your choice?

From the beginning we thought that it woouldn‘t be easy to have a vinyl exclusive store, especially in these times when digital is superior to the analog, with mp3 vs vinyl, laptop vs record case. After two years I can say that we have almost 8000 records in our shop, a lot of new electronic music, limited vinyl records, especially from Romania and Germany from our friends  Ourown and DBH Music, but also a large variety of classic, disco, rock and pop. Who wants to see exactly what it is about, should come and visit us personally .

Did you have record shop experiences before?
Yes, from 1991 on David worked in different music stores in Spain and in Ibiza he attended Delta Discos and Lespai.

How difficult was the start? Was it hard to find a location?

It was not  easy at the beginning, a lot of paperwork, licenses, permits, and the most difficult part was to fill the shop with records. We were quite lucky finding the space to rent. It is perfect for our budget, the location is on Ignacio Wallis 50, one of the main streets of Ibiza Town and we have nice neighbours: all music lovers.
How did record buyers accept the store?
We had a lot of positive feedback from our friends, before we started and a very good vibe and positive energy from all our visitors of all ages, looking for the latest releases or they are just curious.
What is the typical client of your shop?
I could say that the Ibiza residents are visiting us on a regular basis, all year around.

Do DJs come to the shop when they are on the Island?

Actually they come and we are happy about that. Ricardo, Tini, DJ Pippi and Rhadoo visit us when they have time.

Do you guys DJ in clubs or at partys?

David is DJing since1986 and over the years he played in Space  Privillege, Pacha.  We have a party in Pacha called “Can Vinilo Records “, where David is a resident and it is always a blast .
These days a lot is about the return of vinyl. Others say: Return? It was never away. What is your take about the „black gold“?
Vinyl was never gone in our opinion but we can’t deny that the digital music era had a negative impact on the vinyl industry. In the last years the vinyl has become more powerful again compared to digital again, but it was never in danger of extinction.
Tell us your favorite albums in the shop.
Our top picks : SIT – „Sideways EP“ and Raresh – „Vivaltu EP“, both of them exclusive in Ibiza at Can Vinilo.


Which records sell best at Can Vinilo?

Everything coming from the Romanian producers is sold out. Over the last years Romania has gained a strong position on the electronic music map and they produce a lot of quality music. The vinyls are limited to 500-1000 copies without repressing, so they don’t lose value. It is more or less  a long term investment buying limited edition vinyls.

How is vinyl business on the island in general – is there a certain network?
In these days the vinyl business is tough. For us it is more passion and less financial satisfaction. We work a lot and we develop our webpages at the moment. (See bottom of story for link)
Do you take part in the Record Store Day?
For us every day is a Record Store Day!

How does a typical Can Vinilo-Day look like?

We open at 10 every morning, answer e-mails, listen to new music, receive new orders, ordering the newcomers, preparing the records bought online by music lovers all over the world. We deliver to Australia, Japan, Argentina. In the second half of the day usually friends are visiting. We are like a meeting point for DJs. We talk about new projects, releases and new productions that will be available soon.

Do Vinyl shoppers have a certain season?

It is quite a difference between the number of people that enter the shop in winter and in summer. We observe that during wintertime we know almost everybody who is visiting us, in summer we have more tourists and seasonal DJ’s from all over the world.

Any tips for shoppers? What is the insider tip to look out for?

Come to our shop and expect magic to happen. We always approach every customer personally and it depends on what they look for, but we always find a solution for their demands. We have a lot of great records, one of them „Buena Vista Social Club“ and of course romanian gems.

And your personal alltime favorite record?

David: U2 – „The Joshua Tree“ – Bogdan: Bryan Ferry – „Don‘t stop the Dance“

Can Vinilo

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