Specialising in rice dishes and local fish, possessing a spectacular location and offering its customers highly attentive service, Es Restaurant has come to the conclusion that the Mediterranean is a place you can enjoy year round and since we adore gastronomy and the island of Ibiza, what could be better than to stay open for the enjoyment of all Ibiza’s residents? In short: Atzaró Beach Restaurant loves the winter!

Situated on a natural vantage point on Cala Nova beach with superb sea views and the island of Tagomago in the distance, Es Restaurant by Atzaró is dressing up in pure Mediterranean style with fishing boats and white and blue colours in our very own attempt to go back to the origins of cuisine on the island of Ibiza. That means you can soak up the genuinely seafarer-like atmosphere in every nook and cranny of the restaurant. 


Es Restaurant by Atzaró is about to commence a new stage in all things culinary by sampling the best of the Mediterranean, its local fish such as Rotja, John Dory or fresh squid and typical rice dishes including authentic fish and seafood paella, Fideuá or Arroz a Banda. Although these are going to be the main dishes at Es Restaurant by Atzaró, in addition to this entire gastronomic range there is going to be an affordable midday menu throughout the winter with such dishes as fish stew or oven-baked rice.

Welcome to Cala Nova year round.

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