A leader in the field of cultural leisure in Ibiza, this company is continually developing its activities through its musical productions, both in the field of classical music and jazz. In the six months of this year alone, Just4You has doubled its output with respect to the whole of 2015 in terms of both private and public events. Its growth is unstoppable. The company’s value lies in the high quality of what it produces and the human value that it possesses. Every year, Just4You employs more than 50 artists, mainly from the island.

In addition to the extraordinary soloists and singers requested, the company brings together different formations that have already been acclaimed outside of Ibiza for their extensive activity and who have enjoyed the applause of both the public and specialised critics. These groups are Cambra Eivissa, Ibiza Soul Baroque and Ibiza Jazz Trio. In addition to numerous collaborations and the support that Just4You receives from Ibiza Style, it has attracted the attention of the magazine, Forbes Emprende.

The commitment shown by Just4You towards the value of its product is unquestionable given that its catalogue includes the very best musicians. If you require high quality, elegant music look no further: we make your dreams come true.