And so it happens that borgward bagforgood—personally accompanied by Petra Borgward—places its feet for the first time on an island whose reputation is as legendary as its hip visitors. Anyone who knows borgward bagforgood knows it downright imposes a certain affinity: Room for creativity, individuality instead of mainstream, the discovery of their own leisureliness, inspiration paired with purism! back to the roots …

And—handmade and unique—it’s going to present itself on the 23 July 2016 entirely unconventionally and at the heart of the action at Nassau Beach Club, Playa d’en Bossa

A start-up that could not be more worth discovering for a bag that has long been an insider tip for those in the know.

Like the cars that came before them, they are manufactured with the very highest quality materials under controlled productions. The colour red—Borgwardrot—is always used for the interior leather.

A tiny fragment of eternity made from the exceptional leathers and hides of Argentinian cattle that were raised on the wide expanses of the Pampa and that guarantee their unique look. The finest Italian Rossnappa is used to line them and Indian water buffalo leather from a German tannery protects the bottom, lending them resilience. They are decorated with ever changing, unusual jewellery studs. This buffalo leather ensures their handles are robust, giving them a sturdy feel that makes the weekender variety a unisex bag.

Quality and timelessness are two of the many features that the design emphasises here.  A bag with the style of a classic that also turns into something unique thanks to the look of its hide and the studs on the bottom. Thus allowing it plenty of room to be combined without being pinned down to one particular style and showing presence paired with purism.

Its reduced presence has meant that it is uncompromising and it writes its own history through the personal vintage look which it developed with the support of its owners.

It is exclusively manufactured by hand in Germany in compliance with the highest standards of sustainability in the industry. And it is brought by a legendary name:

Petra Borgward, who possesses one of the names that wrote Bremen’s history.

Ever since 1997 associated with the third generation of the family whose grandfather, C.F.W. Borgward (1890 – 1963), made German car making history.