While bustling beach clubs with white Balinese beds are sprouting up all over the island, Cala Escondida has opted to go back to a purer, simpler kind of beauty, to the very essence of Ibiza. In this charming chiringuito located in Es Racó d’en Xic, one of the coves in Cala Comte, conversations and laughter intermixed with the murmur of the sea’s waves make up the soundtrack. From time to time, some of the customers improvise a little live music at sunset, the liveliest moment at the venue.

The roof is covered with solar plates and what it offers is straightforward cuisine that is tasty, healthy and inexpensive with dishes such as salads, tajine, couscous, hummus or wraps. Soon they are going to serve homemade Italian ice creams, too.

In this rustic kiosk with its homely, harmonious, sustainable design, located suspended over the rocks beside the sea, it is a real pleasure to just let time pass by revelling in the incredibly beautiful views while savouring a natural fruit juice or mixed drinks such as mojitos, caipiroskas or margaritas. In any case, the star is the Cala Escondida cocktail, an original margarita made with maracuja.

The venue opens from 10 in the morning until midnight. “In the evening it’s fantastic, we’ve got the sunset every day, after which we serve the dinners and drinks. It’s very romantic,” the owner, Tess Harmsen, tells us. “We don’t have Wi-Fi, or internet, or music and nor do we accept credit cards. Now I only look at my mobile phone a couple of times a day, in the morning and at night. I’m really happy. I feel freer”. It’s a place that is full of charm where you can forget time and rediscover another Ibiza, one that’s quiet and beautiful…with nothing added.


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