It takes lots of superlatives to describe Casa Colonial: exquisite interiors, fabulous gardens, excellent cuisine, impeccable service, exuberant hospitality, imaginative diversity – and yet words do not suffice to characterise this magical place. You have to feel it and … taste it and … smell it..

Casa Colonial nestles in an almost exalted fashion on a hill close to Santa Eulalia, giving it a wide view of green hills and lush vegetation. As though sheltered in an oasis,the guests themselves enjoy the shelter of the tropical garden with its almost enchanted greenery, diving into a fairytale world of fine taste.

Ever since 2001, the restaurant has spread a magical atmosphere that seems to be far away from the real world: the warm welcome dispels any remaining mundane thoughts and makes way for sensual indulgence. The only remaining task for guests is deciding where to sit in the impressively stylish interior of the restaurant (a tribute to the beauty of the colonial era with an Ibizan flourish), or in the enchanted garden with its fragrant flowers. After that, they can devote themselves with a gentle sigh to the extraordinary menu.

Casa Colonial’s gastronomy is as exceptional as the place itself: here, with great nonchalance, French cuisine encounters exquisite Thai dishes – in fact, on an equally high level. More than just an art, this is none other than a challenge that Casa Colonial’s chefs master with bravura and excellence.

Traditionally, French cuisine emphasizes the best quality and freshness of the produce to be used and that is why Casa Colonial keeps its transport routes as short as possible: Regionality takes precedence and a large number of goods are sourced directly from Ibicencan producers, meaning that they are hard to beat in terms of freshness and quality. This is surely the secret of the delicious Bourride, a Provençal fish soup that is served with garlic mayonnaise.  Add to that a glass of cool white wine – quite simply delicious. For meat lovers, the fiery diablo steak with its spicy, juicy hot peppers will ensure smiles all round.

As for the Thai dishes, the impressively authentic, highly refined wok dishes enjoy the greatest popularity. Here you can feel and taste that the chefs have brought their expertise from Thailand with them, making only the most rudimentary of changes to suit Ibicencan cuisine.

It is this extraordinary blend that has made Casa Colonial one of the top locations for fine dining in Ibiza for years now. However, it is not solely the excellent dishes but also the well-selected wines and spirits that present themselves at the highest level. While the international wine selection is exquisite, the focus, nonetheless, remains on Spanish vines: a tribute to the location itself.

Another of the special features of Casa Colonial is that it has its own gin. LAW Gin is a Premium Dry Gin made from select, hand-picked Ibizan plants including juniper, green cardamom and coriander seeds. In the meantime however, LAW Gin is not only reserved for the guests of Casa Colonial. Its excellence has garnered it international renown in no time at all and it has become an integral part of the best bars all over the world.

Colonial charm, Spanish hospitality and exquisite cuisine – Casa Colonial is trend, art and cuisine – experience it for yourself!

Casa Colonial Ibiza

Crta. Sta. Eulária, Km2

Stanta Eulária

+34 971 338 0001