That’s exactly how I felt with Ibiza, love at first sight that captured me for life. My first contact with the island was in 2006, I was on holiday with friends in the French Riviera, and frankly we started to be bored, until a friend told us that if we wanted fun we should visit Ibiza. And so we did, we took a jet and flew here.

I remember arriving at the airport and taking a look out the window, that mixture between the green of the mountains and the turquoise Mediterranean excited me, I knew then that this trip would be the first of many. We only spent a little time on land as we quickly boarded a yacht to sail to Formentera, an incredible journey, a journey to which I fell in love, with the crystal waters and peace of the sea.

Everything was going perfectly and the night began in the same way, a wonderful dinner in an amazing restaurant, surrounded by friends and a party spirit that was felt at the streets of Ibiza, we joined the crowd and ended at Pacha. I felt such a rush to be there, to dance, laugh, celebrate, we couldn’t stop! We, the group as a whole, decided to finish the night at another club, a club that marked my destiny: Amnesia Ibiza!

We received such a welcoming from Amnesia they were incredibly friendly, they kindly offered us a table in the best area of ​​the nightclub. We were dancing with the go-go dancers and having an amazing time, but there was one particular place I couldn’t stop looking at, the DJ booth, this was the place where the thousands of people packed inside the Main Room directed their eyes. I asked for permission to approach the booth, to meet the DJ and experience that feeling. It was unforgettable, and at that moment I made a decision, that one day I would return to the DJ Booth, but as a real DJ.

The following days only served purpose to reinforce my love for Ibiza, its landscapes, its food, its people, its sea, its clubs, but most of all the freedom, fun and energy that is alive in every corner of the island!

Since that first visit to Ibiza I haven’t missed a single year, but most importantly, over that time I was able to fulfill my dream and go back to that same DJ booth, to play with my own Foam & Diamonds party, where I will be once again this season for an amazing summer!

I love Ibiza … forever

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