A story for the crazy ones. The outcasts. The misfits. The rebels. We should cherish the ones who see things differently.
They are not fond of the rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. About the only thing you cannot do is ignore them.
Misfits are full of empathy and sympathy, often driven by passion and frustration. You can call them purpose-driven leaders with a True North Star. They can change things. Push the human race forward. And while so many may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Misfits who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who do.

Born in space, based in Ibiza. Meet a misfit on a mission
In the space of 25 years, Igor Beuker was kicked out of professional football and expelled from university. At age 25, at ground zero, a complete and utter misfit. The tide turned in 1995 when Igor fell in love with the internet, and he transformed himself into a radical marketing visionary and modern-day serial entrepreneur. He has become one of the prominent speakers on the international business speaking circuit. Meet a futurist, speaker, and cause artist on a mission.

Imagination, a radical vision, and a reliable voice

In an era of uncertainty and rapid technological change, there is a great need for seers who do not shy away from answering the question: What will the world look like in 2050? Igor is notorious for his sixth sense and radical vision on trends. With 5 exits, an angel in 24 social startups, a Rolling Stone Culture Council member, and a Hollywood Sci-fi changemaker, Igor is frequently sourced by the media and a headliner speaker at leading conferences.

Purpose-driven leadership 
Igor is driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through social innovation. A misfit on a mission, pushing big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change. After being called a crazy one for decades, Igor was invited to speak by purpose-driven leaders like Sir Richard Branson, Novak Djokovic, and Sir Martin Sorrell

Mi Querencia
Igor calls Ibiza mi querencia. The place from which his strength is drawn. The place where he feels at home is where he is his most authentic self. Igor has been morphing with Ibiza, or the white island has been morphing with him. In 2008, Igor built his campo finca with Blakstad Architects to live permanently in Ibiza.

The magic tribe of DJs, entertainers, and cause artists 
Several DJ friends from Ibiza helped Igor boost his speaking career. Igor wants to pay that help forward because he believes in collaborative ecosystems, not ego systems. Cause artists and athletes combined have billions of fans. Can you imagine? If artists like Black Coffee and athletes like Cristiano would mobilize their fans to do good?

Artists should move away from big tech’s walled gardens, censorships, and fans on lease 
Igor helps cause artists and athletes to move away from the big tech syndicate. The social platforms with their so-called walled gardens. Players like Spotify and Apple take 30% of the artist’s revenues. Or Zuckerberg, planning to take 47% in his closed metaverse called Meta.
How about freedom of speech, content censoring, propaganda, and fake fact-checkers? Mainstream media and big tech censored journalists, speakers, and artists during the pandemic. They were (shadow) banning their videos, stories, or worse. Fading entire social media channels to black.
Artists should move beyond ‘fans on lease’. Own their IP and fan relationships. Move their content and members to owned channels. Because the big tech syndicate squeezes organic fan reach to 5%. Artists need to pay Big Tech for every fan connection. Seriously?

Fans to do good – millions of misfits on a mission 

What if more artists would inspire and motivate millions of their fans to become a force of good? Artists can embrace a mission or a cause and ask their fans to help next. DJs giving the streaming royalties (of a track) to a foundation or social startup. Artists inspiring crowdfunding or using NFT                to do good on scale. Help fund social startups. Start your social enterprise or fund.
Get inspired by Serena Williams. She backs 60 social enterprises and has raised $111 million in her fund Serena Ventures. Or Novak Djokovic. His Novak Foundation helps young kids with education  and entrepreneurship.

Find your cause artist, or become one yourself?  
What if more artists would find their true purpose? What if they joined forces to create change exponentially fast? Technology can empower or control society. With tech in the right hands and with the right mindset – we can create a brighter future.
Remember Boyan Slat – the founder of The Ocean Cleanup? He is dedicated to making our oceans plastic-free by 2040. Can you imagine? If we would find and fund 9 more Boyans? Our oceans will be clean by 2030. Cause artists and social entrepreneurs can drive transformation. And with exponential technologies, much faster than ever before.

Ibiza, the epicenter of a misfit movement  
A new world is possible. If we imagine the future, we can create it. We have the chance to become something we have never yet imagined before. By doing so, we can transform the nature of ourselves – and that of all of humanity. Ibiza could be the epicenter of that movement.
How can you start? Support or be a Serena or Novak. Find your Boyan. Make waves with a Richard Branson. Misfits with limitless minds can do that!

More about Igor on igorbeuker.com