A collection of photographs documenting the world of nightlife in Ibiza and around Europe over many years have been put together for an exhibition called One Night.

International photographer Jordi Cervera describes his work: “It is a curved mirror, a transversal, kaleidoscopic and multiple look at my experience in the world of electronic music and the leisure and adult entertainment industry in our era.

“A fleeting vision of those small moments within a giant world of excess and hedonism, which moves masses at many levels and also millions, where everything begins, ends and disappears in just that: One Night. “


The exhibition is split into four groups, Catharsis, Lust, Worship and a wall of portraits. There is also a dark room with a loop of images with music written by The Look Music.

All the photos were taken in Ibiza and other cities in Europe between 2011-2019.

Jordi is an international photographer who works in portraiture, fashion, editorial photography.

He studied photography in Valencia in 2004 and has worked ever since giving life to his passionate relationship with photography. His ultimate goal is to find the character and soul of the people and projects he captures as well as catch the viewer in its cryptic and reflective images where they can get lost, question and discover themselves.

He has exhibited his personal works in different galleries in Spain and Europe and currently works for different publications and brands in fashion, publishing and advertising as well as for Ibiza Style Magazine as Photography Editor.

Jordi currently lives in between Berlin and Ibiza working and traveling internationally, being represented his work internationally by Mankovsky Gallery (Sweden).

One Night is currently on display at the Museum de Belle Arts de Castello, in Castello de la Plana.