The more I explore people, the more I explore myself.

Who is NeO Tony LEE?
I’m a multi-potential child of the world, born in Saigon, mix French, Chinese and American. Ying & Yang is my philosophy.
As a raw multi-disciplinary artist, I work in artistic direction, visual arts, mental coaching, DJing, sound and fashion design.
My message though all my disciplines is that “everything is possible”. You don’t have to crystallise, feel free to imagine it.

When I lost my leg in a motorbike accident in 2003, my body had definitely changed and I started to explore ways to express myself.
I learned from my resilience and I love to raise up the inner beauty “Kintsugi” (Japanese art of mending pottery with powdered gold dust), fixing failures with my light. Women inspire me because there are unlimited ways to understand women: Mothers of Nature, life creators who have strength, sensuality and creativity. Women deal with many emotions per day where men can’t. I’m passionate about people around me, they are all my mirrors.
The more I explore people, the more I explore myself. Seeing myself through them to express my art through them. This perpetual movement is energy: Emotions in Motions. All that feedback gave me more confidence to deploy my art.

In 2008, I was an artists’ agent, managing an art gallery and nightclub. One day, I was stood up by one photographer and I did the photography myself. This picture of Virginie Lentulus made my career take-off.  In photography, I’ve worked with lots of luxury brands as Renoma, Cartier, Louboutin, Saint Laurent, but also great artists like Beyonce, Elsa Zylberstein, Ray Stevenson, Roger Avary, H.E.R, Kenzo.

As a DJ, I’ve played in very beautiful and prestigious places all around the world like the Cru Champagne Bar in Bangkok or the Eiffel Tower, the Arc, the Kong, Maxim’s in Paris.

Why do you make Ibiza your Home?
I love that island lifestyle, I feel at home like a child. The Pacha Mama, Mother Earth, Ibiza is so special, I feel inspired by the wild and energy of this beautiful big rock, Es Vedra. I like the liberty to work and chill.

When did you come the first time? How was it?
It was in April 2021, I escaped from Paris during the second lockdown and it was so amazing, no stress of the pandemic situation. I felt so free. Since, I decided to detach from the materials and comfort, it was the perfect timing for introspection.

How Ibiza influence your work?
The wild nature, the people. The winter residents are so gentle and precious. They teach me the way to be, here and now without pushing and stressing but respecting the space. At the beginning I felt frustrated because there is no fashion lifestyle like the cities I used to live like Paris, New York, LA. So, I started to deal with what Ibiza offered, the essence of life: Just being! Ibiza people are so talented, so many artists, performers and designers.

What next?
Many projects, events’ concepts, books… and I will follow the flow as usual and will bring a better version of me to contribute to heal and chill with my love energy. I’ve succeeded to make my world better so I’m ready to make the world a better place. Be an option to this world and propose my spirit and touch in many ways.

Last words:
Grateful to be here and now, to be loved and love. “Be limitless, Be Love, Be God”.