Cultura Mezcal has landed in Ibiza, joy oh joy for those who relish a good drink; you are in a lucky streak. There is nothing like trying mescal for the first time while an expert explains the whole process, beginning with the harvest until the agave has become an elixir for the soul. Simply fascinating!

Mescal is characterized by a smoked vegetable taste, but not until a couple seconds after swallowing, first comes a warn sensation that fills your inside. Nevertheless, the wide variety of the agave plant and its many ways of distillation give the spirit different textures and after taste. Tequila, for example, is a mescal that comes from the blue agave, a plant that only grows in the Jalisco area, quite like grapes, the diversity of maguey transform into diverse liquors.

Javier Solórzano is the essence of Mezcalería Mexiterránea, his aim is to bring to Ibiza a bit of the Mexican culture, and he does it with such imagination and contagious enthusiasm that once you’ve had a taste of it, you can never get enough. He has invented pairing mescal with very special “mexiterranean” dishes. Kitchen opens from 1pm to 4pm and from 7pm to 11pm, while the bar is working from one in the afternoon until two in the morning.

The recipes are a combination of typical Mexican products with fresh local ingredients and the dishes turn out to be very creative, savory and mouthwatering. The cocktails never combine two or more liquors in one drink; these are prepared with just one type of mescal, natural ingredients and goodies such as agave syrup or worm salt to spice it up. There is a wide variety cocktails and mescal to choose from, and the list changes regularly as they keep bringing in new ones.

Some food and mescal pairing proposals include: Mescal Spritz with foie + Mexican bean salad and guacamole; Clamato cocktail (prepared with tomato juice and ceviche soup) paired with ceviche; Margarita to combine with nopal and sea weed salad and with oysters spiced with worm salt and drops of mescal; plain Mescal shot with scallop, laminated pear and lemon air; Avocado cocktail (specialty of the house, surprisingly smooth and delicious) to pair with salmon sashimi juiced up with soy sauce mixed with orange, habanero hot pepper and sesame seeds.

Additionally there are other treasures such as the “fresh water”: a homemade drink made of water, fresh fruit and agave syrup. According to Neo Magic, founding partner, the water comes from a local well that turned out to carry water all the way from the Pyrenees. One can acquire as well a piece of authentic Huichol art, very colorful and done exclusively by shamans of each tribe.

The Mezcalería Mexiterranea is something different created with love and passion, no wonder it is becoming a place of cult, once you enter, you want to come back over and over again.

Mezcaleria Mexiterranea

C / de la Santa Creu 3

Dalt Vila

+34 605 742506

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