The main aim of this building project has been to allow natural light to penetrate in every corner of this Ibizan house. The result is a property that is in constant communication with the outside landscape, which is defined by its three colour range of white, grey and red and in which the emphasis is on open spaces. It is a place where you can live in a relaxed way and enjoy the marvellous light which typifies the Balearic Islands.

IBIZASTYLE_ABIERTAEXT-009This project has consisted in the renovation of a property that is over 30 years old, situated on an agricultural plot in Ibiza that was characterised by damp and darkness. For this reason the main aim of the architect, Jaime Serra, has been to bring light back inside the entire house and to correct the deficient orientation it possessed. In order to achieve this the house was opened up both to the north and the south and the living-dining space, which exists in symbiosis with the garden offering protection and sunlight in winter and a respite from too much sunlight in the summer, has been connected to it.

A large swimming pool surrounded by big palm trees and finished in white has been constructed outside. What is more, they have taken advantage of the drop in height down to the terrace to locate a lounge zone from which you get a view of the house, the terrace and the garden.

The outside carpentry made of black, lacquered aluminium gives depth to the facades and defines the interiors to create a clean space in the contemporary style.

A sunny entrance area leads to the interior of the house allowing you to gain access to the salon via hand trowelled cement steps set in the wall.

The inside of the house is characterised by its unusual layout and by its select interior design – the work of Jean Marie Surcin – the house’s owner. On the ground floor there is a large living-dining room that is situated in front of the swimming pool so that you can enjoy the views from it as well as the ample natural light that floods the space. Next to this area you find the kitchen which is designed with a central cooking island and features tailor-made furnishings in hand trowelled cement and lacquered anthracite.

The living-dining room’s double height gives visual depth to a space that is in itself large. Access to the upper floor is via a stairway with a veranda made of Dyform cables in marine-coloured stainless steel with a safety tension cable. Two bedrooms are situated on the first floor, both of them suites. The house also has two annexes, separate from the main part of the building, which house two further suites.

Architecture: Jaime Serra
Interior Design: Jean Marie Surcin