For anyone who lives or has visited Ibiza, the sights of luxury boats moored in the marinas and anchored outside the most exclusive beachclubs in Ibiza and Formentera is a familiar sight. However, this summer, a new addition has all of the nautical community talking with the hotly anticipated arrival of the SAY Carbon Yachts, pioneered here on the island exclusively by S.E. Yachting.

Ibiza Style had the opportunity to take a sea trial on this impressive vessel, and what an experience indeed! As you step aboard the perfectly polished decks and admire the precision detail which is evident in everything from the unique hull to the sleek, stylish and subtle design one can instantly feel that this is truly an exceptional boat.

The biggest surprise comes as we glide smoothly out of the marina, and our skipper for the morning, director James Blanchfield of SAY Yachts Balearics demonstrates the exceptional power, taking us seamlessly to 50 knots in seconds, an adrenaline boosting experience to say the least, we can think of no better way to blow away any Ibiza cobwebs for an early morning spin!

S.E. Yachting are extremely proud to be the pioneers of e-boating in Spain. To be able to offer their clients these unique boats, which boast an option of using only electric power, is truly a milestone and sets the benchmark for the future of “low emission cruising” in the Balearics and further afield.

All boats from SAY Carbon Yachts weigh just a quarter of an average boat, which enables you to extend your fuel rand, whilst dramatically lowering consumption, offering stylish sailing with low emissions, without any loss of performance. The boats are made with precision engineering in Germany and with their characteristic wavecutter bow, SAY Yachts unique hydrodynamic hull cuts effortlessly through the waves , making your journey comfortable, safe and sublime, one you will never forget.

We are all very aware of the very delicate infrastructure of Ibiza and the waters which surround her, and S.E. Yachting are dedicated to educating and informing the boating community of the advantages of these captivating crafts. Their mission is to ensure that low emission yachting in Ibiza is indeed possible, without losing that essential touch of glamour of course!

With an 30kn average speed, you can enjoy a high octane and thrilling return journey to Formentera for only 75 euros in fuel, and a travelling time of just 20 minutes). Of course, this is also an impressive way to arrive at your chosen beach club, the exclusive, elegant design will ensure that you have everyone’s attention as you disembark at your chosen destination in true Ibiza Style!

S.E. Yachting are located in Marina Santa Eulalia, and have earned a well deserved reputation for always offering a supremely professional service, with their multilingual team on hand to ensure your experience is always effortless.

Marina Santa Eulalia

Local 17, Zona 3

07840 Stanta Eulalia del Rio

+34 971 338 394