It hardly comes as a surprise to hear that behind every successful business there have to be three key elements: “talent”, “hard work” and “time”. In partnership with TECNA, SERVICIOS PALAU has been applying all three when it comes to innovative solutions leading to home installations that are efficient, comfortable and, above all, GREEN. One of the main features of climate solutions lies in the use of refrigerant gases. As the entire sector knows full well nowadays, we are on the verge of a big revolution that already means replacing those synthetic refrigerants that have serious consequences for the environment as far as the destruction of the ozone layer is concerned and the greenhouse effect. For this reason, as far as respecting our environment is concerned, in what direction are the most innovative, eco-sensitive companies heading: Without a doubt, towards AIR as a source of energy and WATER as a heat transfer fluid. In fact, SERVICIOS PALAU has been working in this direction over the last few years, in search of the kind of installations that are based on hydraulic systems, offering to its customers the very best in comfort, efficiency and sustainability. Systems that combine cooling, heating, domestic hot water, Jacuzzis, and different zones of comfort for under-floor heating and/or fan coils including heat-recovery systems that produce free heating while they are producing cooling, as well as ones that are integrated with a solar collector. The partnership with TECNA is helping to implement equipment that uses more and more natural refrigerants such as R-744 (CO2) and R-290; ones that have a zero impact on the environment since that is precisely where they come from.

Here in Ibiza we already have highly successful installations including residential installations such as those in the image above from which you can obtain from the air and the sun all the energy you need for the ideal level of comfort. Another example (and one that is undoubtedly one of the most cutting edge technologies in Ibiza, and for that matter the entire country) is the production of domestic hot water totally sustained by R-744 equipment (CO2) in the Hotel White Island without burning hydrocarbons or emitting gases and all the while without doing any harm whatsoever to Playa d’en Bossa´s scenic surroundings.

All in all, the partnership between TECNA and SERVICIOS PALAU is designed to ensure that both the privileged island of Ibiza and our customers deserve all the talent, hard work and time we can muster to guarantee that THE AIR, THE WATER AND THE SUN continue to be at the very centre of our day-to-day lives and that technology is only there to serve them.

THE AIRE, THE AGUA THE SUN continue to be the real mainstays of the true main actors of our daily lives and that’s where technology alone is at their serice.