We often say that the best things in life are worth waiting for, and never has this been more apt than in Ibiza this year, as four years of dedication, determination and commitment to creating quality with respect for the natural beauty of the island comes to fruition in the form of the luxurious 7Pines resort in Cala Conte.

We spoke to Markus Lueck, the man who has been coordinating for the owning company 12.18. this most promising of projects since the first days, and is the driving force behind the team at 7Pines, as well as being the General Manager of the resort.

The passion which Markus and his team have brought to creating this haven in the west of our island is evident in every aspect of the resort, from the effortlessly elegant designs of each individual suite, to the resplendent restaurants and infinitely inviting spa complex.

Having  welcomed 750 guests for a  private opening party on the 2nd of June, which was truly the talk of the island, finally, on the 1st July the resort will throw open their doors to welcome their first guests.

The later opening date, Markus explains is due to a number of factors, one of the main ones being the need and indeed the desire to work closely with the council of San Josep, and the coastal authorities to ensure that every aspect of the construction of 7Pines is in the very best interests of the protected areas which surround and enhance the ambience of the resort. With a profound respect for the island’s delicate natural infrastructure, every care has been taken to ensure that 7Pines complements this most beautiful of areas in every way. The unexpected timescale, Markus tell us, was in a way a blessing as it gave him and his team more time to expand and develop ideas, resulting in an even more upscale resort, a sign that every challenge has it’s bonuses, he says that the journey has been a true learning curve.

People are talking about the resort with great anticipation, and with good reason, as 7PInes promises to deliver an experience quite unlike anything Ibiza has seen before. Markus has maintained a firm focus particularly on the gastronomic offerings, working closely with the Executive Chef  Bijendra Yadav to create bespoke menus for each of the two restaurants and the home delivery service within the resort, which will welcome resort guests, visitors and island residents all year round.

Coming from a food and beverage background himself, Markus has used his wealth of experience, along with that of Head Sommelier Javier Perez to curate a wine list which is simply incomparable to anything else you will find on the island. Javier comes to Ibiza from a 3 star Michelin restaurant in San Sebastian, and has worked tirelessly to source the finest wines from Spain, and around the world, with a focus on discovering new, inspirational wines, rather than sticking with just the ‘safe’ option of the better known brands, 7Pines include on their list wines sourced from small vineyards in Spain, with which Markus says he wishes to educate their clients, sharing the knowledge of these excellent bottles.

Another area Markus is particularly passionate about is the magnificent spa which is a focal point of the ethos behind the resort, embracing the very essence of Ibiza, a place where you can easily spend a whole day and still not experience everything on offer. A place to lose yourself, truly revive your senses. Markus tells us that they decided against building an indoor pool within the spa, choosing instead to extend the relaxation area, creating a space where guests can indulge in state of absolute rest, before visiting one of the many treatment rooms to enjoy one of the fabulous massages, facials and so much more that the Pure Seven Spa has to offer.

And the wellness aspect which Markus explains in an inherent aspect of Pure Seven, designed to recreate the inimitable energy of Ibiza, is certainly not limited to the interior of this most luxurious of spas. Embracing the advantages of being located in one of the most beautiful spots in Ibiza, guests can take a ten-minute walk down to the coast and experience a yoga session in a hidden cave overlooking the azul waters of Cala Conte, a memory which is sure to stay with you for al lifetime. Markus believes that the unrivalled standard of the spa facilities will attract visitors from all over the island, all year round, a true oasis especially during the calmer winter months.

And during the summer season, when the Ibizan sun shines her healing rays down onto the island and her guests, where better to spend another perfect day than at the spectacular infinity pool, says Markus. Located as close as possible to the idyllic coastline, the 9 m glass wall looks out across the bay, offering the majestic sunset views for which the areas is so beloved. You will not find here any poolside Dj’s playing, rather an intrusive soundtrack design to enhance the experience.

Throughout the resort, it is clear, that to offer the very best service to their guests, a world of effort has gone into selecting the right team, which at 7Pines includes 250 employees from over 32 countries. One of the biggest problem facing the island in recent years, is affordable housing for workers, and so, to ensure that their staff are happy, well housed and able to sustain a great standard of living, the resort provides accommodation for all of their team. Add to this a clear commitment to training each and every staff member to be able to offer the very best in customer care, a handpicked middle management team are on hand to ensure that guests needs are always catered for, and that the staff who serve them are given consistent, ongoing training, learning and achieving more everyday, to deliver the very highest level of service, and we expect nothing less from 7Pines, a truly welcome addition to the island, with its seemingly unlimited potential to delight both visitors and island residents alike.