Previously this spot near Bahamas hotel was known as Sal Rossa, but it looks like the old name will sink into oblivion very soon. That part of the beach used to be slightly low-key in comparison to the neighouring areas, but the growing number of check-ins will quickly put it on the map of Ibiza must-visits.

Its elegance is almost aerial: after spending all afternoon here you might fail to describe which its interior was. And that means that the design of the venue is perfectly balanced and no detail is out of place, creating a most natural ambiance for a sunny day to the accompaniment of splashing waves. Wood of light pearl grey shades, charming chairs and cozy cushions, pure and natural silhouettes make up an eternal value of organic and inspiring setting.

The aptly named Beach House indeed has a very homely feeling about it. Coming here is like visiting an old friend in his country house, but rare a friend has such a chef cooking for him and such a team catering for every wish of the guests. The chef actually used to cook for El Chiringuito, but decided to move to the new pasture to pamper the taste buds of Playa d’en Bossa crowd. Beach House is the only restaurant on the longest beach of Ibiza devoted to Italian cuisine: with no focus on any particular region of the country of pasta and lasagna, the menu offers a delectable selection of fish, meat, pizza, salads and beyond. Nonna’s Parmiggiana De Melanzane melts in the mouth, Summer Risotto makes ample use of fava beans, peas, green beans, asparagus and spring onions, Escalope Milanese is cooked accordingly to a special breadcrumb recipe.

The cocktail list goes much further than the usual Bellini and Daiquiri, ensnaring the eye with such positions as Mezcal Experience or Sake Mule with sake, simple syrup, ginger beer, kumquat and lemongrass – those Ibiza regulars who thanks to Richie Hawtin got addicted to Japanese beverages, will appreciate this one. The selection of natural juices, shakes and smoothies caters both for partiers (Super Detox with apple, carrot, ginger and lime) and athletes (Hawaiian Healer with banana, kiwi, coco rice milk, agave and Sunwarrior proteins). All sangrias are made with fresh fruits and freshly squeezed juice.


Kids have their own menu that includes penne with tomato sauce, risotto with vegetables, beef burger and other dishes that cultivate the taste of the future gourmets. Batteries recharged, the younger guests of the venue will frolic on the playground or get involved in arts and crafts activities. Beach House is not just a family-friendly spot – more than that, people are always encouraged to bring children.

A lovely boutique adds much to the boho-chic ethos of the place. Designer swimwear, colourful kaftans, laid back flip-flops, tops crafted with Ibiza hippy heritage in mind look so tempting that you might regret bringing your packed suitcase on holiday. But the most irresistible item of the shopping list will be accessories: adorable baskets, sequined beach bags and cuff bracelets made of stones and metal are just as integral part of a proper day-on-the-beach experience, as they will come in handy when the party begins.

One of the reasons why Jonathan set his heart on Playa d’en Bossa was the permission to make parties – something that Es Cavallet lacks because of being located on the territory of the natural park of Ses Salines. In the afternoon the guests are daydreaming on sunbeds to the sounds of world music, which slowly grows into profound sunset sessions. On Friday and Saturday evenings some of the tables are moved aside, and most beloved local DJs – think, for example, Iban Mendoza or Andy Baxter – come to spin infectious house tunes. Chances are high some big DJs might pop in occasionally, and on Sundays Guy Gerber will be hosting his Rumours party, that finally found a safe and stylish shelter.

Many restaurateurs, promoters and hoteliers today are trying to implant in the insatiable soil of Ibiza trends and traditions borrowed from other parts of the world. Some of them fail, others succeed, enriching the multicultural environment of the island with ideas and patterns that promptly take root. Instead of jumping on this bandwagon, Beach House is lovingly recreating the indigenous spirit of Ibiza, upgrading it to the highest standards of service and hospitality. Inheriting its vibes, quality and professionalism from El Chiringuito, this is not just another newcomer to the coveted beach of Playa d’en Bossa, but an institution with pedigree and experience. Fresh and aspiring now, soon it will become classics.


Playa d’en Bossa

0817 San Jordi, Ibiza

+34 971 396 858