At the very end of the main jetty in the Marina Ibiza (turn right as you go past Lio) is Calma, the newly opened venue for seagoing folk and for people who just like to watch the luxury yachts go by. The ambience is totally in keeping with the name, because you can chill out here with a long drink or a glass of champagne in the lounge area which looks out towards Dalt Vila. You are perched there like a skipper on the poop of your yacht in the middle of the harbour, looked after by friendly staff. At sunset, ask them to bring you the speciality of the bar, the house Mojito (Warning: Addictive!).

The bistro menu is straightforward and unpretentious, focusing on traditional Ibicenco-Mediterranean cuisine: freshly prepared tapas and salads, freshly caught fish (highly recommended: sirvia or atún from Pitiusan waters) as well as some classic meat dishes. The prices are surprisingly reasonable – no indication of a luxury location surcharge.

In most Spanish bars, you will find the TV blaring away at full volume – thankfully not here. Because the yachts and ferries passing in front of the Old Town backdrop offer quite enough visual stimulation anyway. Even die-hard couch potatoes have to admit that your beer tastes better here than when you’re sitting in front of the box.

Calma is open from 9am to 3am, and the kitchen carries on serving meals up to midnight.

Bistro Calma

Marina Ibiza Puerto Deportivo

07800 Ibiza

+34 971 595595

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