Dressing with freedom but also with taste is the byword that sums up the philosophy of Adlib fashion, a style that is inspired in traditional clothing in Ibiza with contributions from all five continents, in Ibiza’s cosmopolitan manner. Freedom, naturalness, elegance and happiness that evoke that Mediterranean essence present in the exquisite handcrafted pieces of the island’s designers.

The 47th edition of the Adlib fashion show once again brought together thousands of spectators in a beautiful setting installed in Marina Botafoch. It included celebrities such as the ex Miss World, Mireia Lalaguna, the journalist Julia Otero, actors such as Carles Francino, Raquel Meroño and Maggie Civantos, the designer Lorenzo Caprile, and top models Toya Montoya and Krys Pasiezcznik along with a good handful of influencers. The Majorcan, Patricia Perales, was the winner in Futur Adlib, the fashion show presented by Jota Abril that awards promising young designers in the world of Balearic fashion, and which got the contest off to a start on Thursday.

The first official fashion parade on Friday was presented by models from six designers who represent Adlib’s freest, most modern and eclectic approach. It started with World Family Ibiza’s joyful, colourful ethnic garments possessing a clearly Central American inspiration. We were also able to enjoy the lacework and transparent garments so full of magic and fantasy made by Linnea Ibiza; the daring necklines of the silk-like garments by Evitaloquepuedas; the hippy, rocker look of Ibiza Stones, who paraded along with the original, handmade alpargatas with studs, beads and rivets by Espardenyes Torres; the embroidery and hand-painted furs by Ichiana Ibiza and the sensual, delicate designs of Marisa Cela, who brought the first evening to an end with two daring bridal dresses featuring transparencies.

Bad weather was on the point of ruining the second day of Ibizan fashion’s big fiesta, interrupting the fashion shows on various occasions. The actress, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo—the lifelong godmother of Adlib and the presenter during the two days of official fashion parades—opened the event with an emotive homage to Pedro Zerolo, a request to applaud the efforts made by the local authorities in promoting Ibiza’s fashion and an amusing gossip magazine scoop: the imminent wedding in Ibiza of the models, Mireia Canalda and Felipe López, who, curiously, got engaged last year in public at Futur Adlib. Piluca Bayarri presented comfortable, light, elegant designs and Tony Bonet once again offered a more urban, groundbreaking look followed by the more classic look of Ibimoda. We also had the chance to admire the elegant, sheer, champagne-coloured clothes of Vintage Ibiza, the natural fabrics and daring complements by San Francisco and BSF Man, the feminine garments featuring embroidery, flowers and beads of Ivanna Mestres and an exquisite collection inspired in Ibiza’s daybreaks by Virginia Vald, accompanied by a live performance by the singer, Rebeca Brown. The jewellery company Formentera Majoral saw its show interrupted by the night’s worst moments when it rained heavily on the catwalk. Even so, it managed to surprise us with its original pieces alluding to female gods and warriors. An exultant Elisa Pomar brought the contest to a close, celebrating her 10 years designing exquisite jewels inspired in the traditional Ibicencan “emprendades” and presenting three collections on garments by Maya Hansen with acclaimed winks to Ibicencan culture, such as the presence of “balladors” from Sa Colla de Sa Bodega. The rain and the unstable weather were incapable of dampening the magic and glamour of Ibizan fashion’s biggest event, whose three days were once again brimming with style, beauty, freedom and colour.