To discover a truly unique way of educating young people in a conscious and positive sense, look no further than the Alegria Natural Horse and Life Academy for Young People. Set amongst the grounds of the Noah’s Garden complex in the north of the island, this is a place where a deep rooted love and respect for horses and an intuitive sense of care for the emotional wellbeing of young people come together.

The aim of this groundbreaking project is to instil children with a positive attitude, and a sense of self worth, enabling a life full of significance and meaning. Here, young people can learn much, much more than simple horsemanship, they are interacting on every level with their equine companions, feeling the energy and joy of building a sense of trust and loyalty with the horses themselves, and developing their own personal character traits at the same time.


Open to children and young adults from the ages of 6 through to 18 years old, the course spans a wide range of activities to include and engage each participant, with full support, encouragement and guidance from the caring and knowledgeable team of experts. There is a great emphasis on the welfare and wellbeing of the horses, encouraging children to learn a natural respect for the horses and their needs, whilst fully interacting with them in an enjoyable and educational way.

A full programme of educational and interactive activities spans a wide range of topics, including a Green Club, where participants learn about the importance of environmental awareness, and can join in by creating with the teacher their very own ecosystem. Another additional event is Indian Week, which celebrates the ancient rituals of Native American tribal life, and the importance of horses in this culture. Incorporating arts and crafts and musical based activities, it is a fun and unusual way of learning more about this important civilisation.

The programme runs all year round, with additional activities during school holiday times, and welcomes participants of all levels of experience. All you need to join in is a sense of adventure, a positive attitude, and the desire to learn.

In February, Ibiza Style were privileged to enjoy a display of the natural and classical style of riding which is learnt here, a truly mesmerising experience, a show of graceful elegance, with an almost ballet-like quality to the fluid movements of the horses and their riders flowing together as one. The display was moving and educational to watch, indeed a strong testament to the inspirational work which takes place here.

You can read more about the Academy, and see full details of their programme at their website