Lovers of the exclusive are celebrating because el Ayoun, one of the most select restaurants in Ibiza, has turned its private bar into a champagne and cocktail bar, with more than 50 varieties of the bubbly stuff to become a completely golden bar where the most discerning palates will be able to sample the pleasure of the bubbles and exotic flavours. What is more, the decoration has been completely renewed in chocolate and golden tones. As every year, this is completed with a collection of works by the Belgian painter Francois Coorens, created especially for the restaurant.

In this way, to enter through the doors of el Ayoun is still the fastest way to bring all the magic of the East to Ibiza, transporting the visitor to a scene from the 1001 nights whether it be in the White Restaurant, the Lounge or in the splendid Arabic tents on the Terrace.

When it comes to gastronomy, el Ayoun continues to rely on Mediterranean cuisine inspired in the orient; traditional Moroccan dishes, the tajines and cous cous hold their own while dishes have been added to the menu from Mediterranean cuisine such as John Dory with sautéed leeks, leg of Kamchatka King crab with citrus fruit salad, brochettes of Tiger prawns on a bed of ginger or monkfish stew. The desserts’ menu has been completely revamped with desserts such as chocolate fondant and certain benchmarks from the complete wine list of Spanish and French wines have changed.

El Ayoun Ibiza

It’s worth stopping there to point out the Sushi Bar, one of the island’s gastronomic gems where 20 diners a night can relish the experience of recently made sushi. What is more, it can be closed off for groups of more than 14 persons. This exclusivity allows el Ayoun to offer sushi that anyone who tries it finds difficult to forget.

After dinner, el Ayoun is the ideal place to enjoy the evening in a relaxed and distinctive atmosphere in which there will be no shortage of music and shows such as belly dancing and fashion parades.

El Ayoun

Avda. Isidoro Macabich, 6

07816 San Rafael

+34 971 198335

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