After a winter of unrest in Plaza del Parque with many residents and visitors alike distressed by the interruption of this most iconic square, one business owner who has embraced the changes with his typical ‘bon viveur’ is Tito Piazza, owner of the much loved osteria, Locals Only. A relative newcomer to the square, having opened Locals Only in 2014, he has since built up a dedicated, loyal client base of both residents and visitors alike, and he tells us that he feels the improvements to the square will greatly benefit not just his but all of the businesses in the area.

“Progress is ALWAYS awesome” he declares, in his very own convivial, charming manner. He says that he is thankful to Ibiza for the upgrade of this already enchanting setting, which has inevitably made it more attractive to the eye, more open, welcoming, and alluring to new clientele. When I ask for his favourite improvement, he laughs that now, with the smooth tiled pavement, the chairs and tables will be less inclined to topple over, along with his customers! The removal of some of the overhanging trees also bring more welcome light to the square, and a brighter, inviting ambience.

To celebrate the revival of the Plaza del Parque, Locals Only will reopen its doors in March, welcoming old friends and new. To entice and delight you, come and celebrate life with Tito and his team each Thursday, from 6pm – 9pm, when they offer their excellent selection of house wines by the glass, house cocktails and beers on a 2 for 1 basis. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover some of the new, forward thinking wines which Tito himself has personally added to the list for 2017.

Moving away from the slightly passé organic wine he is breaking boundaries by introducing ‘vinos libres’, implementing the new vision of wine for the future. Vinos libres do not adhere to any laws, he explains, rather they are made absolutely naturally, spontaneously from what Mother Nature offers us, from the land the sun, the rain, the elements of earth. Bio dynamic, with no additives whatsoever, they include only 100% natural ingredients. Enjoy these, and the diverse selection of other red, white, sparkling and dessert wines at Local´s Only.

Thursdays are also all about the ribs, and boy, are they good! The BBQ ribs with their now legendary  homemade sauce will be served up with typical flourish every Thursday. On Sundays, Locals Only celebrate the end of yet another wonderful weekend by inviting you to dine from 6pm – 9pm  onwards with all of their divine dishes served with a delightful 50% discount.

Ibiza Style are staunch supporters of all positive progress on the island, and therefore we look forward to enjoying many long afternoons and evenings in the enhanced environment of Plaza del Parque, and where better to do so than Locals Only!

Locals Only

Plaza del Parque, 5

07800 Ibiza

+34 971 301 997

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