Many essential ingredients for a good perfume grow and flower on the cultivated areas of our Island: jasmine, orange blossom, roses, violets, almond blossom and aromatic plants such as lavender, thyme, lemon verbena, moss and natural citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and mandarins, which gives some of Ibiza’s own scented products their own distinctive note.

Hierbas de Ibiza was founded in 1965, when the jeweller family Torres decided to round off their jewellery collection with an Eau de Toilette and an aftershave. The cosmetic and perfume range which followed uses an exquisite combination of natural essences; typically orange and lemon essence, sage, thyme, lavender and orange blossom. What makes this company so unique is its unmistakeable range of premium products which includes a fresh Eau de Cologne as well as bath salts, shower gel, moisturising lotion, soap with pure extract of Aloe Vera and a solid Eau de Cologne in a silver plated numbered little jar in a sophisticated numbered compact.

Quote from Sandra del Rio, Director of Condé Nast Traveler España (March 08 Edition)
…from his (Toni Torres) modern enterprise comes the brand Hierbas de Ibiza: bath salts, soaps, Eau de Cologne made from pure aloe vera and the salt from Las Salinas (salt flats) in Ibiza. I have seen his products in Paris, New York, Madrid and Barcelona, in the homes of Jennifer López und Penélope Cruz, and Tom Kalendrian, the vice-president of Barney’s says that Torres has “the best Eau de Cologne that I have ever tested – I use it myself.”